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I Am the Sorcerer King

Nov 25, 2021

** Spoilers **


-Story 4/10

At first, when I read this the story really drew me in I thought this could be a big hit manhwa but that's where I thought wrong. The story of this magician trying to get more powerful by using technology doesn't make any sense but we are in a manhwa so of course, nothing will make sense but BUT hear me out THE AUTHOR I don't know how the fuck his mind works but every chapter I read literally everything the MC does goes his way. for example oh he is about to die * the MC *: Thank god I made another body inside the closed space where if I die my I can transfer my second mind into my other body and be reborn like nothing happens. it really does make me feel stupid the more I read.

-Art 4/10

The Art sometimes hurts my eyes of how bright the colors are just the character designs are good but the colors are meh.

-Characters 3/10

First of all, let's talk about the Overpowered girl side character that the MC picks up out of nowhere suddenly all her life is fixed and she becomes OP. and then the MC literally has zero personality and everything he does goes well.....

-Overall 4.5/10

I don't know if you wanna go through this. I guess if you like magic, the modern world, and a game system altogether. A calculative MC with machinery nuclear space power satellite dungeons other dimensions dwarfs elves just literally everything in one deal just read I guess.

4/10 story
4/10 art
3/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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