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Best Game System / RPG Interface Manhwa and Manhua

This is about manhwa / manhua that has a system an interface like system. This is the order in which I personally rate them.
1 Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

No need to talk about this everyone knows this is #1 very entertaining. A must-read.

2 Omniscient Reader

Omniscient Reader

The world becomes sort of a game and everyone has stats and abilities.

3 Nano Machine

Nano Machine

MC gets a system which is a nano machine that helps him with everything on a technical level and martial arts level.

4 The Gamer

The Gamer

The MC's power is to make the world look like a game to him stats/skills etc...

5 The World After the Fall

The World After the Fall

A tower pops up and people get inside with a system leveling up etc...

6 Overgeared


Set inside a VR MMORPG game very good read.

7 Second Life Ranker

Second Life Ranker

MC discovers a watch left behind by his brother who disappeared mysteriously the watch contains his brother's memories when he was inside a mysterious tower then the MC goes to the tower world where he levels up gains skills and climbs up.

8 SSS-Class Revival Hunter

SSS-Class Revival Hunter

Tower System manhwa with hunters skills etc... The story is unique and exciting. MC copies an ability that lets him go back in time when he dies.

9 X & Ash

X & Ash

Set in a world where everyone has skills levels just like a RPG game.

10 Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero

MC is Betrayed by his team in a dungeon and gets sent back in time to where he first awakened and will do his best to get stronger and get revenge.

11 Return of the SSS-Class Ranker

Return of the SSS-Class Ranker

Really interesting and the MC is ruthless its about a top ranker MC who goes back in time when a VRMMO RPG game had just been released.

12 The Live

The Live

MC gets transmigrated into a world where there is a tower and a system with levels stats skills etc...

13 The Frozen Player Returns

The Frozen Player Returns

One of the strongest players who cleared the 1st floor to save earth got frozen after killing the ice boss along with his other party members after years he suddenly melts and wakes up only to figure out that the fight didn't end yet.

14 Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

A story about the rank #1 Player starting over from level 1 in a popular game. a classic

15 Ranker's Return (2021)

Ranker's Return (2021)

Story about  Top ranker starting over from scratch again.

16 Murim Login

Murim Login

MC is a low-rank hunter who finds a suspicous VR machine enters it and gets stuck inside a game where his levels and stats affect the real world where are Gates and Hunters.

17 The Lord of Coins

The Lord of Coins

MC Returns to the past using a unique artifact where he has a system and can trade with other worlds for mysterious items that way he can get stronger than in his past life.

18 I Woke Up as the Villain

I Woke Up as the Villain

MC transmigrated into a fantasy novel where there is hunters / monster gates but the MC gets reincarnated into a Villains body.

19 Apocalypse Online

Apocalypse Online

After the Apocalypse came and demons invaded his world the MC was one of the strongest and uses special powers to go back in time when it all began but this time its different.

20 The Esper's Game

The Esper's Game

The leader of the Heroes Party which cleared the last dungeon that threaten humanity's survival sacrificed himself to give his party a chance to escape after clearing the last dungeon. 17 years later he suddenly comes back to Earth finding it way too peaceful than before but for him, it was only a few days since he entered the dungeon. and he has a broken ability which lets him see other people's stats and potential that is what made him a leader and the strongest hunter.

21 I’m the Max-Level Newbie

I’m the Max-Level Newbie

The MC is game addict and a content creator for a game when he decides he will quit the game after reaching the top the game enter his world and becomes reality he uses his knowledge of the game to become strong.

22 L.A.G


In An Unkown space called L.A.G where there are floors and rooms filled with puzzles monsters quests items and spells there lies the MC who has an unknown ability where whenever he dies he restarts to when he first got into this place with that he tried his best to gather as much knowledge and secrets as possible until one of his regressions suddenly felt different from the ones before then he knew that this might be his last one.

23 The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

Set inside a game where the MC gets a special rare class. a classic

24 Level Up with the Gods

Level Up with the Gods

MC spends time training with the gods for thousands of years then after he finishes he returns back and decides to climb the tower again.

25 Infinite Leveling: Murim

Infinite Leveling: Murim

MC dies on the battlefield as a low-ranking warrior but when he opened his eyes again he suddenly was back to when he was young but this time he has a leveling system that can help him become strong.

26 The Player Who Can't Level Up

The Player Who Can't Level Up

MC gets awakened as a player with a unique ability and climbss the tower.

27 All Hail the Sect Leader

All Hail the Sect Leader

MC transmigrated into a cultivation world where is a sect leader of a low-ranking sect and uses a system to improve his disples power and his own sect's power. also, this one is very funny.

28 Disciple of the Holy Sword

Disciple of the Holy Sword

A Hard-working MC who was of common birth he was always ranked under the nobles and there was a prophecy that the holy sword will bestow itself to the prince who will save the kingdom in his coming of age ( 18 ) and that is a year from when our MC was alone training hard and got noticed by special someone and then a sword fell from the sky and asked the MC do you want your efforts to be appreciated and that is how the MC robbed the price of his sword :)

29 The Divine Twilight's Return

The Divine Twilight's Return

A powerful deity loses his powers and returns back to his past when he was just a human with the purpose of revenge on those who weakened him.

30 Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King

Goes back in time to before tombs started appearing so he takes advantage of his experience to monopolize the tombs and has a system with skills.

31 Grand Warlock Streamer

Grand Warlock Streamer

MC plays a VR game and starts over from scratch because of some bug in the game * wink * but this time he can see bugs and hidden panels in the game.

32 Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

MC Plays a game hardcore and his life was dependent on it and he was called the sword king and one of the top players in the game then for some reason he goes back in time to when the game just released now that he knows the future and the secrets of the game now starts all over again.

33 Seoul Station's Necromancer

Seoul Station's Necromancer

After years of fighting for survival on planet Alphen, Kang Woojin had become a fearsome necromancer and ruler of his own territory now he found a way back to earth he found himself being a low level player in a world where there are monsters and dungeons.

34 The SSS-Rank Hunter's Lucky Draw

The SSS-Rank Hunter's Lucky Draw

In a world where there are gates ( Dungeons ) and monsters ofc, there will be people who can handle them like hunters the main character was a pro gamer who was known for his skill but always got 2nd in every important tournament so he wasn't that well known as the world changed and people started to put more attention to becoming a hunter the MC wanted to become one as well so he saved up money to go take the exam and awaken but to his surprise, he didn't have much talent and got a low rank that is until he got something special later that night.

35 Mythic Item Obtained

Mythic Item Obtained

MC finds a mythic item inside a dungeon then dies and gets sent back in time when he was just a teenager with knowledge of the future he becomes stronger.

36 The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony

There is a classes system with an RPG interface with stats kind of similar to a game

37 After Ten Millennia in Hell

After Ten Millennia in Hell

MC was trapped in Hell for 10 000 years fighting to survive. Then he comes back to his world only to realize it's only been a few years since he disappeared but the world changed monsters and dungeons with awakened players started appearing. It has a lot of comedy and the mc is ruthless

38 I Am The Fated Villain

I Am The Fated Villain

MC transmigrated into a cultivation world in the body of a villain and gets a system where he has to do evil deeds to get points and improve his strength.

39 How to Live as a Villain

How to Live as a Villain

Suddenly a lot of people get transported into a weird game where you have to kill to survive a game and a world to pick the next god's successor.

40 How to Use a Returner

How to Use a Returner

MC suddenly gets transported into a game of life and death with low stats but he gets an ability that lets him see other people's stats potential and abilities that's how he can survive.

41 Memorize


MC transmigrated into a game-like world and then reaches the top, in the end, he gets a wish and uses it to go back to when he first got into this game-like world.

42 Stay Low Profile, Sect Chief

Stay Low Profile, Sect Chief

Cultivation with System MC transported into a cultivation game he gets missions to make his sect stronger and recruit disciples

43 The Slumbering Ranker

The Slumbering Ranker

The main character plays a virtual reality game where time flows differently inside the game so he only used the game to sleep in so he can get more sleep in his day and work harder in his normal job but suddenly after sleeping thousands of thousands hours, he gets a hidden Legendary class the highest ranking class.

44 Mystic Musketeer

Mystic Musketeer

Army sniper gets injured in the leg then he tries out a VR game where he can move so he chooses a rare sniper class and levels up trying to be the best.

45 The Worn and Torn Newbie

The Worn and Torn Newbie

MC plays a game for 15 years and still sucks at it but suddenly goes back in time and this time he vows that he will conquerer everything.

46 The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer

Civil Engineer from the future gets transmigrated into a fantasy novel and uses his knowledge to make their towns and cities more futuristic.

47 Villain to Kill

Villain to Kill

In a world where heroes and villains with super powers exist our MC who is one of the top heroes dies and gets reincarnated into a teenager's body with a mysterious power within that body.

48 My Daughter is the Final Boss

My Daughter is the Final Boss

A world where there are dungeons hunters guilds game-like system.

49 Taming Master

Taming Master

MC was one of the strongest players in the game but he resets his character this time he will play as a hidden class a monster tamer class.

50 Pick Me Up!

Pick Me Up!

The Main character is one of the top players in a mobile game called to pick me up but he was always unlucky altho he didn't have luck on his side he was still one of the top-ranking players with his pure skill until one day he discovered something weird in the game as he went to check what it was he gets sucked into the game and became a character in this mobile game now he was to fight to survive he uses his knowledge of the game to progress.


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