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LostWolfPup Jun 20, 2017

thx for the follow, leave a message anytime and ill get back to you (:

Ellogegamer Apr 22, 2017

Hello! Thank you for the follow! I'm following you back! :)

babybeel20 Feb 10, 2017

Thanks for the folloe i always follow back, lemme know if you wanna talk anime sometime i'se seen a lot.

Astrocat Feb 8, 2017

hey man

thanks for the follow even though i dont know you i feel like we are friends already because you like anime and i like anime so we already have that in common i have watched more anime than you but that doesnt mean that we cant be friends. i see you dont like togepi that is actually a problem please remove togepi from your dislikes because togepi is a cute egg thing and you dont get many cute eggs in pokemon (except for exectuor) anyway thanks for the follow i am happy to be friends now

Sianeka Feb 6, 2017

Hi! It's been a while so I thought I'd check in on you and see what you've been up to.  Watching any anime you are really enjoying?