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My Dress-Up Darling

Feb 19, 2022

 I don't like excessive  fan service. This anime was one of those animes with unnecessary fan service.  I watched just 2 episodes and i saw more than enough for the female character... I was irritated the whole time...i wish they spent all that quality on adapting a better manga with a proper story.. An anime which i wont watch 15 year olds flash their panties ..and kids aspiring to be perverted game characters... I would have enjoyed it a lot more with out the fan service , i thought it had a good story line but i guess that wasn't enough for them, so they filled in the gaps with pointless fan service and dumb scenarios.. Like asking her to sit on his belly to get a good angle for a picture.. Then all of a sudden realises that she's on top of him and has an erection,i just couldn't get my head wrapped around the situation  ,he could have gotten a good angle without asking her to sit on him.. Who does that ? Their excuse was that he got carried away ..i don't mind fan service when it involves adults for example, animes like *bayonetta* i saw a lot of boobs but i wasn't offended i just thought i was watching an anime with a kinky main character... And i thought she was sexy.. But when the anime is about kids ..highschool kids its absolutely some scenes they would make her boobs glossy, i honestly hated that and i found myself getting offended everytime they had to ruin a scene with the female lead's boobs or panties.. I really didn't like this anime... If you're a proper person with proper taste don't watch this..there's not really much to the plot even though its a cute the way if you don't like this review go write your own and stop bugging me...this is what i thought about *my dress up darling *. We all have different opinions. So deal with it

3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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pinkstrawberrymilk Mar 31, 2024

The fact that people are so pressed about your review tells me everything I need to know about them. Saying you're basically a prude because you don't want to see the panties of a girl that can't even drive is not the burn they think it is. You gave good reasons for your review and thanks for sharing your opinion. I will be staying far away from this show bc of it and the kind of people it seems to attract. 

juicestand Mar 31, 2024

stand by your comment queen you're right. everyone else is gross as hell, saying age doesn't matter. they're sick in the head and you're right 

JustMonika33 Apr 5, 2023

You want actual fanservice to complain about then watch Yosuga no Sora, To Love Ru, Girls Bravo or High School DxD. This is wholesome and tame af.

lostm1 Jan 13, 2023

Honestly it's rather silly to consider the age of characters in anime in general. So many characters look nothing like their age. You have 10,000 year old grannies that look like they belong in elementary school and middle school students who could pass for mid 20's adults. Also most importantly this is fake. No one was harmed in the making of this and no one will be harmed as a result of its creation. Furthermore going by physical appearance the main female character looks like an adult so people enjoying the fan service involving that character should be fine even by your seemingly overly strict moral standards because it's I repeat fake and so the age given the characters is entirely arbitrary. They're not real. If you produced this show with real child actors yah this would be problematic but they are images drawn and then animated so who cares.

Volaju Dec 26, 2022

you're right we need more christianity in anime, no longer degenerate lgbt crap about getting kids into cosplay half naked, we should have more religious anime shows.
i'm also tired of these groomers sexualizing little kids, i mean if you think about it mostly all your favorite shows are drawn by 50 year old japanese men. 
lets pray together?