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shinigamiMIO Jan 10, 2021

hi hi, I came across your profile and I see that you won't watch Clannad afterstory. How come, as it really is quite good (to me at least)

RaveyTrilless Sep 21, 2020

you wont watch attack on titan, are you mental?

Enclavious Jan 18, 2020

She's literally the worst character in the show.

TforTevdetta Mar 19, 2019

oh ya, it's undeniably questionable for sure.. but some of the choices they make in scums wish are realistic. the character personalities back up their actions, and it makes the characters feel like their making their own decisions. instead of just taking the needed action to further develop that episode's story. 


in scums wish you have teens making bad life choices about love, and struggling to figure their shit out. and in the end SPOILER:  not everything works out peachy. having gone through the struggles and weirdness of finding love as a teenager, i can sympathise with why some of the characters make the choices they make.  the overall tone of the show says " love isnt logical, its hard, it hurts, and to develop a strong relationship it requires a ton of personal development". 

Stifer Feb 2, 2019

Hermano como veo los otras capitulos del anime Quan Zhi Shou.