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I used to be pretty active with a different acc a couple years ago... sadly I stopped watching anime, but I’m currently trying to re-enter the fold! 

I suppose this should be the part I introduce myself... right then- You can call me Vonne. I am but an egg of 16. Some subjects I am interested in the occult, witchcraft, psychology, philosophy, biology and evolution, folklore, theology, etc. etc... as im sure quite a lot of you guys are too. i'm an introvert and a bit of a shut in. I spend most of my time drawing, writing, sewing, reading, pacing around my hovel for hours on end like a mental patient, and ~surfiing the web~ till the screaming stops.

I some other things i indulge in to numb the pain would include gothic fashion + makeup, and being with my pets.

i also like to blast music into my head holes till i start foaming at the mouth. the types of tunes i enjoy spinning include but are not limited to: Gothic Rock, Dark Wave, death-rock, ambient, punk & post punk, New Wave, industrial, shoegaze- I like a lot of music which is artsy, subversive or more generally avant-garde. 

Some of my favorite bands/artists would include

The Cure

Christian Death



Fad Gadget

Siouxsie and the Banshees

The Birthday Party

David Bowie 

The Legendary Pink Dots

Throbbing Gristle

Alien Sex Fiend 

Tones on Tail

The Chameleons

The Virgin Prunes

and sweet baby Jesus the list just goes on and onnnnnnn....

this is how I watch anime + how I rate them:

i watch shows mostly just for entertainment not to analyze them for quality, but im still rather keen on if a show is uh... well, trash. I can honestly enjoy a show even if it’s horrifically flawed(whoops)- it's like a deformed baby only i can love... with that said, if I am ever to write any reviews on here, I will try to be objective as possible[Try].

When im considering my review ratings I take into account the genre, when it was released, the target demographic, intent + the execution thereof, and the general circumstances of production if that’s relevant, all that jazz


10/5*- Just about perfect, flaws are too minor to be worth any note.

These shows feature: Strong, fleshed out characters, all have depth enough they feel like real people|| stellar voice acting and fitting, well composed music you can enjoy independently of the series|| attractive or well executed art, smooth and ‘convincing’ animation- objects will feel like they have tangible weight even in 2D; engaging and unconventional plot, stands out in it’s given genre, unforgettable and just as- if not more enjoyable on repeat viewings, a show like this is layered in such a way that you have to watch it multiple times to notice all the subtitles of its plot.||

9/4.5*- Above and beyond fantastic, very few flaws, none dectract from the overall quality of these shows.

these shows feature most if not all the of the traits of a 10, but might be lacking the same consistent “wow” level quality on all fronts, or are held back by an imperfect ending.

8/4*- Great show, very layered and engaging.

these shows are usually perfect on most accounts. The flaws which hold them back are usually only noticeable when re-analyzing a series.

7/3.5*- Very good or good, engaging but lacking the same depth or consistency of an 8

a 7 is typically exceptional in a couple categories but bogged down by certain aspects. 

6/3*- Above average, these shows are of typical quality but are propelled by certain great qualities. A 6 may be also be a great series that is held back by a weak start or dip in quality or generally notable flaws.

5/2.5*- Average. These might be entertaining yet forgettable, or they could be good shows held back by production/inconsistency/mostly flat cast. 

4/2*- Forgettable. They have a couple redeeming qualities but are overwhelmed with a lack of effort or have such major holes they are impossible to overlook.

3/1.5*- Bad. Normally the creators didn’t try. These shows are usually just boring or uncreative. The assets it may have are fleeting or too minor to save the rest of it. A 3 may also be a mostly average or forgettable show that completely fails on some level.

2/1*- lowkey trash. These shows are bad. They will often be more entertaining than a 3 or 4 due to an abundance of “yo what the fuck” scenes and characters. On the flip side these shows may be just straight up obnoxious or completely lazy. Basically no redeeming qualities 

1/0.5*- Curtled toe Jam. A bloody tampon at the bottom of your coffee cup. Wet socks. A cockroach family living in your ear canal. A carpeted bathroom. You get the idea. Just an abject failure. A show like this will probably dock a couple years off of your mayfly life. 

0- haven’t remembered to or bothered to rate yet :^)

woomp- to clarify further! i like or even love a lot of shows i give low-ish ratings. listen kids, a show doesnt need to be good............... to be good.

What I enjoy:

What I’m not a fan of:

well. that should be all. Tootles.

feel free to ♥ENGAGE♥ uwu

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