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Hello minna and welcome to my page!

When I was much younger I was a huge Pokémon fan, I watched it every day, collected the cards,

had the sticker album and played Pokémon the yellow edition on my GameBoy Color :P Now I'm playing Pokémon GO and I love it :D

Another show I really enjoyed and loved was Sailor Moon!

My star sign is Scorpio so my favourite Sailor Senshi was Sailor Pluto, which is the woman on the bottom gif.


I got back into anime and manga in 2015, because of a friend who showed me Attack on Titan.

I'm really glad he did, because I didn't realise how much I was missing out on :P


That's a small summary about myself and now a bit of information about my favourite anime and the ones I am currently watching:

I'll start with my all time favourite anime which is Gintama (if my name wasn't a big enough of a hint). I love all the characters, they are so diverse and all play major roles in the story. What I also really like about it is the parody element and that it includes almost every anime genre out there, as well as the way it can create suspense and become really dramatic out of nowhere. The comedy and randomness are also part of why I love this anime so much!



Here, in no particular order, are my other favourite anime:

Detective Conan

 Fairy Tail

Lucy Sakura - Google Search

Gakuen Babysitters

anime, gif, and kawaii image

gif image

anime, gif, and gakuen babysitters image

anime, gif, and gakuen babysitters image

Golden Kamuy

Bildergebnis für saichi sugimoto gif

Bildergebnis für golden kamuy gif

Bildergebnis für golden kamuy gif

Bildergebnis für saichi sugimoto gif


#wattpad #de-todo ¡Atencion!  Yo esto lo tengo en mi otro zodiaco (cancelado) así que lo pondré aquí. Mas unas cosas extras.  - ¡Crazy Fuera!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama
anime, kaichou wa maid sama, and usui image

anime, girl, and guy image


Magi: Sinbad no Bouken TV



My favourite anime genres are: 



Breaking the Fourth Wall









Reverse Harem



Slice of Life






I don't like these genres:












Currently watching:      


Detective Conan


Kyoto Teramachi Sanjou no Holmes

Phantom in the Twilight



                                                                                          Favourite Male Characters                                                                                     

1. Gintoki Sakata

Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時                 

2. Jellal Fernandes       


3. Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang wallpaper called Roy Mustang


4. Sinbad


5. Shouto Todoroki

6. Tetsurou Kuroo

7. Saichi Sugimoto

Bildergebnis für saichi sugimoto

Bildergebnis für golden kamuy gif



Favourite Female Characters

 1. Kagura          

2. Lucy Heartfilia
         Lucy Heartfilia           

Image result for lucy heartfilia fighting gif

3. Shirayuki  


4. Misaki Ayuzawa

5. Morgiana

Image result for morgiana magi


6. Asirpa

Ähnliches Foto

Bildergebnis für asirpa gif bow


This section is about my Manga

My favourite is Light & Shadow, which is a fully-coloured manwha.

I love it, because Edna is not only a strong-willed woman, but she's an amazing sword-fighter, wife and mother as well. Eli is a great fighter and leader, therefore, this all adds up to an amazing and interesting plot. I highly recommend this if you like action, romance, history and a non-cliché story with real character development!

Light and Shadow

Here are a few other manga that are part of my favourites:

Maid Sama! Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono Devils Line


Yaoi gets a section of its own, because it's the genre I like the most.

My favourite yaoi manga is Finder.

I love it because the story is fascinating, there are a lot of plot-twists, the love story is interesting, the art is beautiful and there's the Yakuza!

          If you enjoy yaoi, this is a must-read!

Here are some of my other favourites:

Omae wa Hitsuji. No Touching at All Neon Sign Amber Eigyou Nika!


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ScorpioVelvet Dec 22, 2019

Happy holidays, my friend. Wishing you the best Christmas this year and hope all is well in your life (missed talking with you & have you seen any new groovy anime lately?) :)

Vashyron Jul 12, 2019

Was it truly a year? That makes it even more sweet that you have not forgotten about me lady A. 

A replied to your big message in private messages as well 

Happy to see you sound and safe

Vashyron Jan 31, 2019

Lost treasure swallowed somewhere in the middle of world.  

Draiga Aug 28, 2018

Image result for happy anime gif
Thank u For Following me 
I hope i can learn more about animes from u 
Lets be friends

FullmetalDragon Jul 30, 2018

Sorry for the late reply, I was away for a couple of weeks and I couldn't find time to reply T_T

I've got over 400 anime I want to watch, but where is the time for it? I might have some more time now, as I didn't get the job unfortunately :( I was in the top 2 of about 100 applications though, so I'm proud of myself :D Now I'll be free for some time, so I'll be able to catch up on lots of anime haha :D The jobs were also in the art world one for a modern/contemporary gallery and the other for an art space that gives a platform to young contemporary artists. I wanted the second one, as it would have fit my personality and would have been a good way for me to expand my responsibilities.

You didn't get the job?? What were they thinking??? They don't know what they're missing out on, the idiots :P Top two is very impressive though, for sure! Hopefully that'll mean you'll be number one next time! :D Oh wow, they both sound like they would've been great! I'm sure you'll find something just as good if not better though!

"Basic ass taste", I love you xD That's straight to the point hahaha. You're right about that though, there are many good action anime which aren't in your face and not main stream.

Yeah, people who only like mainstream stuff really miss out. Although I guess that applies to everything in life, not just anime. They also miss out on some really crap stuff too, so maybe they're not so bad off after all XD

I talked to a friend about DB who said that the original is the best and that the new ones, especially DBZ, is repetitive and boring. He also described Goku as not being a hero, but "a brawler who's lucky enough to get stronger by getting beaten up" XD He's right about it being repetitive and it's also overrated as hell. Same with Bleach and SAO tbh.

Huh, I thought DBZ was considered the best, how interesting. But seriously, the original isn't repetitive? They went to the same damn competition at least four times that I know of. Not even different competition arcs, all the arcs were in the same contest. I was so close to making it through DB without smashing my computer, I was quite annoyed T_T Yeah, it seems to be almost a necessity in popular shounen stuff. I mean, I get it, there's only so many ways you can do action, but at least put some effort into the plot and characters to make up for it. 

Image result for dragon ball gif

You're right about the dub/sub situation. I also watched it in German dub when I was younger and then watched Sailor Moon in English dub, but dropped it. I then started AoT in 2015 and the guy I dated insisted on watching it in sub, so I was like OK and since then I've only watched in sub. I once watched a clip of BnHA on Facebook and didn't know it was dubbed. It fucking sucked, the voices were annoying and the pronuncation of the Japanese names was horrible as well. I agree with you about easing into anime through dub and then changing to sub. You're also right about them not being able to watch awesome anime, because the majority aren't dubbed. Oh well, to each their own.

Yeah, I mean, if nothing else, Gintama isn't dubbed (omg can you imagine how many botched jokes there would be. I'm glad dubbing companies have that much common sense at least) Actually I ended up switching because I was annoyed about missing a joke that was very clearly lost in translation. It wasn't even that big of a deal, so maybe it was just a case of the straw breaking the camel's back. Also, finding dubbed anime was getting to be a nightmare - I'd already watched all the decent ones. 

You're right, I have watched quite a few shounen anime, but dropped the majority of the main stream ones or won't watch them. I wanna explore other genres as well, I especially like the ones with Japanese Mythology and Youkai. You have to watch Kakuriyou no Yadomeshi, it's really cute and the characters are amazing as well. It has 26 eps and the second part of the anime started on Monday.

Yeah, there's so many great anime genres, there's no need to get bogged down by one. Ohh, nice! I went through a Japanese mythology phase a while back, although weirdly never went for Mushishi, possibly the most famous one. Oh yeah, I've seen that one around. I'll add that to my want to watch list :D 

I also really wanna watch Hotarubi no Mori e, I've heard it's really good but also hits you straight in the feels. Can you suggest me some good anime with Youkai/Japanese Mythology? I've already seen Kamisama Hajimemashita, so something in that direction is good. Nothing too dark please!

Omg, yes, you have to check it out, it is awesome. I'm not usually a huge fan of movies, because the story always seems to rushed, but this was perfect. Was gonna say it's by the same guy who wrote Natsume Yuujinchou, but you haven't seen that either??? It's one of my all time favourites, let alone being one of my favourite Japanese mythology series. If someone were to ask me to describe bittersweet, I would just show them a Natsume Yuujinchou episode, it's honestly so good. 

Let's see, what else would I recommend... Gugure Kokkuri-san is just a quality series. The main character looks pretty much exactly the same as Tomoe but is pure as hell, I love him so much :3 The humour's pretty off beat, so I think you'd like it. 

Hozuki no Reitetsu also has pretty weird humour. Might verge a little bit into being dark, but honestly it's so good it's totally worth it. Takes a little while to get into as well, so if you're not sure give it a few more episodes. 

I don't really remember much about Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan, except that it was adorable, and I didn't understand why it was unpopular. I know that doesn't exactly sell it, but it's hardly a long series, so it might be worth a shot! 

Image result for natsume yuujinchou gif

^Here's some adorable Nyanko-sensei to encourage you to watch Natsume~

Regarding anime I managed to finish coz while I was alone at work. One was Butlers x Battlers. I finished it yesterday, it started slow but became interesting after ep 6 when it was already half way through the anime. I think many just watched it for the bishies/ikemen XD

Ohh, nice. It's annoying when a show takes a while to start, but hot guys always makes it better :P

I also binge-watched Golden Kamuy! I 100% recommend it! I'm sure you'd really like it, the characters are unique, there's a balance of action and comedy as well as seriousness, it is historically accurate and there are even historical figures as characters! It's only 12 eps and season 2 has been confirmed for October this year :D

Ohh, sounds like my kind of anime! I might just have to watch that :D 

Agreed! There are many awesome anime out there and SAO and Bleach are just generic and not even that good. I was wondering the same things? Why would I find Gintama awkward? I love it because it is so random, spontaneous and parodies everything. Now I'll finally be able to catch up with it!

Maybe all the dick jokes? That's literally all I can think of. Honestly the dick jokes just make it 10x better, I love childish humour. Extra bonus points for when they're poop jokes as well :P 

I'm also gonna start some K-dramas, I found a few good ones. I'll start with "The Innocent Man", which is a love story, but also a drama and psychological. It only has 20 eps, but each ep lasts one hour! Oh well, I'll be free so I can do what I like haha :P Binge-watching times here I come xD

Wow, hour long episodes? I forgot those existed XD Sounds interesting, let me know what it's like! 

Teresa as Ava would be awesome and Charles as Hugh too. I agree about Teresa being too young and too serious as well, I get that she wants to make her parents proud, but we are in the 21st Century for god's sake! She should be able to marry the one she loves, so I'm glad she ended up with Tada in the end. I liked that there was some drama as well, because it helped with character development. I even cried (I don't cry a lot) in ep 12 after Teresa told Tada her story and that she's to marry Charles. So heartbreaking! I also like Charles for breaking off the engagement, as Teresa's happiness was most important to him. I don't think him and Alec fit tbh, well maybe there'll be a season 2 so we can see some other ships sailing as well!

Yeah, me too, I'm glad they figured it all out. Tada's totally gonna have to learn her native language though, that'll be fun XD Yeah, Charles was great. I hope he ends up super happy somewhere too, maybe running his own business with an epic wife who helps him run the business or maybe just stays at home and looks after their two daughters, who end up being best friends with Teresa and Tada's kids. I could go for a future about the royal kids, that would be fun XD

Image result for tadakoi gif

"Blueeye" xD That's just the best, it really does sound like a disease! I found out by accident that "Zura" means "wig", it is pretty funny! Gin is so mean for calling poor Katsura that xD

Haha, I love how sadistic Gin is, it's hilarious XD 

I've got some more yaoi manga for you, I don't know if you're into the Yakuza but I found some manga with yakuza x normal civilian. Here is the list:

Hell yeah, who doesn't love yakuza manga? XD Thank you so much, I'll get on working through this list (probably let you know in a couple of days when I'm done :P) 

I wanna attend a street party too someday, especially if it's all for free :D Guess it was important enough to be shown in Spain. I mean they also have a monarchy there right haha. It did take forever for him to be finished, but I liked that the wedding had something unconventional as well :)

Haha, just wander around a random English town next time something like that's on, I'm sure you'll find one XD Ahh, true, but we don't show their royal weddings! (I feel kinda guilty, everyone seems to treat us like we're the only ones with a royal family, but loads of places have them, seems a bit unfair) Yeah, true, I'm glad we're moving away from the purely traditional wedding, but still retaining all of the traditions. Just goes to show the royal family is adapting. She's also the first non-white person in the royal family, so good stuff all round I think. 

Yup, I'm really excited :D It's only in October, but I already can't wait for it! It was sold out within 9 minutes, in London both concerts were sold out within minutes as well! I'll def send you lots of pics :D

Haha, that's some seriously impressive stuff XD I can't wait! 

Hahaha, I'm sure you'll find an English anime magazine as well. These ones are great and I bought the special editions for Ghibli Studio films and Sports anime. I even got 10 cards because of it. There are posters in the magazines as well, but I'll probs just hang them up when I have my own space. Make little anime and K-pop shrines XD

Sad thing is, I've looked, and the only one I could find is awful T_T It's fine, we have loads of cons to make up for it :P Woah, that's so cool! I'm so jealous! Haha, having a little anime shrine would be so much fun, maybe I should do that too XD 

Well done on finishing the exams! I hope you're able to relax now and enjoy the summer holidays! What are your plans apart from Bulgaria?

Thank you! Well, I've already now been to France and Italy, and then I'm off to Norway next week (I packed waaay too much into my first two months, this was a mistake :P) Might see if my friends want to do a bit of a roadtrip or something at some point as well, or maybe head up to Scotland (I'm almost half Scottish and I've never been to Scotland, it's quite saddening), but one step at a time I think :P