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Hello mina and welcome to my page!

When I was much younger I became a huge Pokémon fan, I watched it every day, collected the cards,

had the sticker album and played Pokémon Yellow on my GameBoy Color :P I started with Pokémon Go of course and

am now playing all the games on my Nintendo Switch OLED! Nostalgia but also off to new adventures :D

Another show I really enjoyed and loved was Sailor Moon!

My star sign is Scorpio so my favourite Sailor Senshi was Sailor Pluto, which is the woman on the bottom gif.


I got back into anime and manga in 201 through a friend who showed me Attack on Titan.

I'm really glad he did, because I didn't realise how much I was missing out on :P


That's a small summary about myself and now a bit of information about my favourite anime and the ones I am currently watching:

I'll start with my all time favourite anime which is Gintama (if my name wasn't a big enough of a hint). I love all the characters, they are so diverse and all play major roles in the story. What I also really like about it is the parody element and that it includes almost every anime genre out there, as well as the way it can create suspense and can all of a sudden become really dramatic. The comedy and randomness are also part of why I love this anime so much!



Here, in no particular order, are my other favourite anime:

Detective Conan