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Okay, well, not really sure what to say about myself. I'm not one of the most avid anime fans you'll meet, I haven't seen hundreds of different animes or read masses of manga. However, the ones I have seen/read are all special to me and I hope to keep discovering more amazing animes and mangas in the future and that my list will grow. 

I suppose I should tell you about myself as a person. Well, I like to think I'm relatively friendly, but I'm also autistic so sometimes I can miss social cues and stuff. I'm a very loyal person and I don't believe in revenge or grudges or hating people, I think it's a waste of time, life's unpredictable and I don't want to spend any part of it hating someone when I could be making up with them and spending time with them as a friend. 

My life tends to revolve around my studies, my friends and my great passions in life: Yu-Gi-Oh and Doctor Who (though I have other interests, those are just the main ones). I like to spend my free time with my friends, watching tv, watching anime, reading manga, writing (mostly fanfiction) or playing Yu-Gi-Oh. 

I'm also an out and proud lesbian, which everyone in my life has been super supportive about, though I've yet to find that special girl (mainly because all the girls I've ever been interested in were straight). 

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