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Hello. GeniusPotato here. 

The Majority Of anime you will see in either my Watched, Watching, or Want to Watch sections will be devoted/based on the Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Explicit Tags and Schhol Life tags or categories.

I woulod'nt classify myself as someone who has a strong opinion on things, regardless of the situation; But there are some exceptions, Anime and Manga-Wise. Like for example, I would never, and still dont, infer that an anime series is bad due to it's lack of rating or someone's opinion towards it. I'm also not saying that anyone or everyone's opinion doesnt matter, because they do; Your own opinion is more effective than anyone else's. Just because it has bad ratings, or is frowned upon by others, doesn't mean it's bad in your case, Because you can never have a opinion or feeling towards something if you have never experienced it or have gone through it before.

Be warned, I'm a pervert as well, like the rest of us XD. But honestly, Don't be surprised if you cringe at whatever the hell im saying at times, whether it be in a review or personal conversation, cause i usually am rude and rarely use derogatory terms; You have been Warned, Don't blame me if you do not like it, As you have been notified of the circumstance

So...... In conclusion, Im a horrible perverted guy. Nice to meet you, Hope you and I can chat in the future.

*Note* If you ever wonder what madness my signature is, it's the equation explaing: 


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60 total

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What?! No manga ratings?

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xXTheOutsiderXx Aug 28, 2016

Yo, love your profile introduction. Hit me up if you want to chat about anime sometime.


-The Outsider-

Insinuo Apr 28, 2015

What anime is your avi from?

Bestanimeserie Oct 26, 2014

Hello & Welcome to Anime-Planet, I hope that you'll enjoy your time here ^-^

I love your username xD

WonderBoom Oct 25, 2014

Oh hi! So how're you holding up? Because I'm a potato.