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Just an amateur list maker :D

I always follow back. :)

Favourite genres/tags: Adventure, horror, drama, fantasy, dark fantasy, outside world, slice of life, melancholy, lifestyle change

Favourite anime movies: A Silent Voice, Spirited Away.

Favourite non-anime movie: The Lord of the Rings

Favourite anime tv shows: Attack on Titan, Made in Abyss, Violet Evergarden

Stalled manga=It's taking forever to update/get translated.

5 stars--Excellent! I consider it to be one of my favourites.

4.5 stars--Really enjoyed it! Would recommend it to others frequently.

4.0 stars--Very good.

3.5 stars--Good.

3.0 stars--Ok.

2.5 stars and lower--Meh--bad

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Halex Oct 25, 2022

Hi GeminiRabbit, I added the Danganronpa Watching Guide to the Watching Guides list, thanks!!

Kaeseolin Oct 16, 2022

Hello! Thanks for following me back, and it was my pleasure. So what is your favorite anime/manga and characters?

Also, sorry for responding so late! How are you doing? 

Halex Sep 7, 2022

I see, the website is under construction then. lol.

Yeah, The Promised Neverland was a huge disappointment, it had great potential to be one of the best (and the first season is pure perfection!). I"m not a manga reader, but most people I have spoken with, that actually read the whole manga, refer to the "Goldy Pond" arc as the last good arc. They said the story goes downhill from there, hence the reason why the story was not animated in full. I have heard the same thing said about Claymore & Tokyo Ghoul, and if that is the case, it's the author's loss of inspiration the reason why these series don't receive a proper continuation/remake. But you cannot help to think it's such a waste, all that potential wasted, and even if the manga story went downhill, they could have used the anime to create a better story, fixing the issues of the manga, but things don't work that way in the anime industry :(

Halex Sep 7, 2022

LoL, that may be true, usually, guides are made for much complex series that are difficult to discern how to watch them or where to even begin, but pay no mind, anything that is helpful and saves people time (and headaches like in the case of Promised Neverland S2), can be considered a guide. I certainly had a lot to say about that S2 as well.

Just see they approve you as a custom list creator and then you can go back to each list and make it public.

Halex Aug 29, 2022

Hi, just to be clear, once they accept "you" as a custom list author, you will be able to choose which lists are private, for your followers, and for everyone. You just need to go back to the list and update the shared/view settings dropdown.