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My real name don't wanna tell..(-_o)..but my nickname is Naiz...lets a Gemini..i believe on zodiac so much but not on fortune has been 1 year since i started anime..and i love it..(*-*) its soooooo good..(*o*)

My favourite anime:

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Ao no exorcist

Black butler Book of Circus (awesome)

Darker than Black


Chuunibyo Demo koi ga shitai

Attack on Titan

and much more..

My favourite characters:

Sebastian (umwah) :*



Mikasa (Best girl ever seen in anime)



Hei (love his personality)

My favourite Openings:

Calendula Requiem (shiki)

Howling (Darker than black)

Hero without a name (DTB)

Guren no Yumiya (SNK)

Enamel (Black Butler)

Monochrome no kiss (Black butler)

and so much more i cant even tell..(9_9)

Favourite Endings:

Rain (FMA)

Let it all out (FMA)

Lie (FMA)


Daisuke ono..(*-*)

Hiroshi Kamiya..(*-*)

Jun Fukuyama..

Yuichi Nakamura..(*o*)

 Well, do u guys know that daisuke ono and hiroshi kamiya are best friends and they have appeared in many animes together..and sometimes jun fukuyama those voices..(o_o)

ahhhhhhhhh!! so much tired (-_-)

One last thing..wanna share something with u guys..this video..u guys may have watched it..but if not..CHECK IT OUT..i love this video..Well..Software engineers and Computer Programmers are literally so cooooolll...(o_o)..


and by the way, m pure gemini..wanna know about my personality..dont ask me..:p..just read Gemini Facts..:D

                                                                  *m a gemini, gemini, gemini...

                                                                        m a gemini, MY FAIR LADY..(^o^)

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Sianeka Dec 30, 2015

Love your avatar!

Vliegjuh Dec 27, 2015

Of course i remember

Merry Chrismas:D

jenit Dec 26, 2015

naruto was the one who was jelaous of him

Vliegjuh Dec 15, 2015

Heeey Gemini48 :)

How are you?

what Anime are u watching?

Thanks for youre coments;)

(*o*) HappY WorlD GreaT OTAKUS DaY (*o*)

Mayby its late but same:) happy  otakus day:P

khoda Dec 8, 2015

Do u know swordart4ever