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Darwin's Game

Jan 11, 2022

I'm no writer but i thought i should convey my thoughts on the anime. First off it was good fodder to watch, the story isnt overwhelming, i wasnt begging for a econd season, but at the same time i DID enjoy it as far as watching something when you're bored and running out of stuff to watch (like me). Secondly, there are small things in this anime that may not bother most, but kinda ruin the suspension of disbelief for me, I.E. bulletproof tires deflectinf bullets when in reality they just wont go flat, a gun firing the wrong calibre of rounds, grenade fuse levers not "releasing" when thrown yet still manage to explode, ect. if those things DO matter to you, they will be plentiful


Firstly this review will not have unmarked plot or storyline spoilers, the only spoilers will be about the mechanics of this "death game", but it is the main topic i wanted to complain about, the other stuff is tertiary

The tags on this anime are "High Stakes Game" and "Play or Die", while this is true for the part of it, it really isnt, you are not FORCED to play or you die, nor are the stakes high as you dont die everytime you lose, it's more like "lets combine gambling and mob war lifestyle into a game", you can be challenged by other players or choose to initiate a "D-Game" and you have to defend yourself or else the other player will/can kill you, or the option to surrender is there, and if you lose by a non-surrender you don't die unless you're the challenger, from what we can see, the risk of death through a non-surrender defeat is only for the challenger, because if you are challenged, and you manage to survive until the timer runs out, you automatically win, and the challenger dies, so you dont have to play, you can just run away if you wished, but even that is ambiguous as the rules and outcomes tend to contradict themselves, they anime though does follow the "through friendship and hope we can overcome everything, including overcoming god like powers because i got big mad at a guy" troupe *cue eyes rolling*

(Now this next part is spoilers, if you havn't seen the anime move on to animation)

I'm really tired of the "let's hold wieners and be friends" or "killing is wrong no matter what, so i'm gonna befriend everyone who wants to kill me" troupe, it's honestly stupid, the guy was a wuss that i wanted to roundhouse kick for the first 10.9 episodes, you're in a *QUACK*ing death game, grow a pair, whip out your pistol and go john wick on those mother*QUACK*ers, earn your dough, win your games, and become a bad mother*QUACK*er that no one wants to *QUACK* with, we only got to see that bad maamajamma in the last 2 episodes which was a bit frustrating


Now the animation is nothing to write home about, it's in the standard style, but i did enjoy that they mixed a few style for different characters, some had tiny pupils others had huge, some were traditional gangser types, others where more like something you'd see in a modern slice of life, good, but not GREAT, though kaname's eyes on occasion looked like they were divorcing each other, with his hair being the cause


I'm not an audiophile, but i will say the sounds in this anime were on point, and they didn't really recycle alot like in most post covid animes, some of the music was catchy the sounds were diverse, they really liked to add sound to anything that was moving


Lets put it out there, the main character is a spineless wuss, so dont expect a badass that overcomes everything like a galliant hero. anyyyway the character development was pretty much non existant, except for one i will not get into for spoiler reasons, you had alot of characters that were the same from start to finish, with the only changes being from "bleh i want to kill you" to "we're besties herkadurrr", which is understandable the series only has 11 episodes, so not alot of room, but i will say the characters that do switch sides so to speak don't lose there strength, too often in anime they'll go up against a overtly and overly strong, then they get whooped, the MC befriends them, and all of a sudden they have the strength of a wet fart pushed through a paper towel, not here


I like the anime, there are no parts to it that really sing to my soul, but it IS enjoyable as watch fodder despite some of the glaring issues in the game mechanics

6/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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