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As of chapter 42, we see a focus on the relationship between the main character and main love. The main character has a good history and personality, but she (if not all characters) are portrayed less serious and more comedic.

We know that the main character is in fact, not a princess by blood, therefore bullied by the actual step sister of the king. We don't see much of her after a few chapters unlike most princess webtoons. The main love is a hard head, but easily jealous. Theres not much background history to him as of right now and I hope that all characters will be given a little more in depth story soon to add to their personality. It's just a bunch of angry/comedic points where you just dont see much character development. 

The art is what I have the most trouble with while reading. 60% of the art is shoulders up, theres some time where they show hips and up, but most of the story are zoomed frantic faces foaming (in a funny way.) The background does not have any changes in it. In the main love's "headquarters," we see a blurry blue/dark painted glass windows and that's about it. No other section of the place is revealed, and this also goes for the Kings palace. We at least see more sections of the areas but there are no transition background images. 

Overall, it's an okay story. Probably my least favorite out of all the current webtoon/princess franchise, but still a good read to pass the time.

7/10 story
4/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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