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Hello my name is Mark, Marcus, Marky, Gear or other variations that people somehow call me. You'd normally know me by my Insidious Mist Reviews.. 

Little introduction about Geartik:

My game name and everything i wil always refer to myself as geartik, as i've always loved the idea of steampunks and mechanics. I don't like to swear. So i adore waching stuff like Howls moving castle and others...i can't think of..

Anime taste of Geartik

I have an unusual taste in anime, where i love cliche romance. Stuff that you can expect to happen. Below i will list some of my favourite genres


I love romance, probably because my childhood was around Disney all the time. 


Alright, this genre made me uncomfortable at first, but when i started watching romance-y tragedy, it made me invoke a lot more, and made me some what appriciated the time the couples were together.


It's really just there to give me the hype and suspense : 3


^^ my best friend, i love things like that, that make you really what to think

Hobbie: magic and cardistry

Surprisingly im also a magician : 3

At the start of my high school days i really liked anime and started to get in to it. Eventually i saw animes that had magic or this supernatural theme and ring to it and always i thought to myself 'man i wish i was in this anime'. So i decided to bring my myself to the next thing

If you would like to see more of my work or my daily life check me out on twitter @Insidiouscoins to check out some magic.

So that's a little bit of my hobbies and interest,

Favourite Character: Chelsea 

One of my favourite characters in anime is propably Chelsea as she fits to who i am as a character. You could call me cocky, fun and super entertaining to watch. I will also casually write reviews on both manga and anime, so I'll be preety active.Chelsea

Bit of a gamer...

I am also a bit of a gamer, who plays LoL (league of legends), Don't Starve, Hearthstone, urban rivals and others i can't bother writing, but you can PM or send me a comment below if you would like to ask me about this.

^^So all of that stuff you read was me please tell me about yourself too!

I enjoy nice jogs in the afternoon especially around parks or forests.

Uhh..what else should i write here... umm i like Wonka bars..yeah i REAALLLLY like Wonka bars.

So yeah 

See ya :)

If you like any of my reviews please leave a comment and tell me anything about it 

Please leave a comment below so i can associate or even chat with you all :D

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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TallyCrow Mar 12, 2015

Thanks :D 

I am glad that my review helped you with finding a new anime to watch :D Hope you liked or enjoying it :D 

DelsonMiles Mar 8, 2015

thanks for the recomendation

Maxim3 Mar 8, 2015

May you always have anime, fellow disciple

DelsonMiles Mar 7, 2015

Thanks for the response do you have any good comedy genre anime you might recommend

Geartik Mar 6, 2015

Man Life is good...