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matrixen Aug 24, 2021


matrixen May 10, 2021

Looking through your other replies it's now evident to me that you're a troll, get a life. 

Satsukifan Apr 28, 2021

and remember it's just a fictional characters they don't have feelings You are overreacting? if someone bashing your favorite characters you would say the same then? I think not , Are you a troll because several fans  have already asked by this .

Satsukifan Apr 28, 2021

Do you see this normal ? It's only to provoke you? It's absolutly normal but why should I explain this to a guy who hates so many god characters and great animes?  Something is wrong with you man, for me and so many fans this is normal ( This only provokates snowflakes only) but I understand if you don't like it ,but please you could also express your displeasure more way better  unlike this trash attitude to call a character an ugly bitch.    

Satsukifan Apr 28, 2021

Oh so you are not hungarian sorry Gazsi is a tipical hungarian man name in my country : But anyway let's back to the topic: Please Could you better express yourself next time  in connection with Nagatoro (  Ugly bitch)? It is not appropriate to hurt someone because of their appearance , Nagatoro realizes this later to in the anime, I just see you didn't look any further with  the anime so you don't know. I see you are an Aqua fan man of culture like my self Nagatoro not worse  than Aqua or other girls this is my opinion.