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Jan 12, 2020

Personally i liked how the story started and i saw some potential, but sadly i soon was let down.


The story already starts a little bit out of whack with nothing original but nothing bad either 

But it gets worse as it progresses and fast, at times it even feels random since the author either forgot that

readers have no clue of what is going on in his head or didn't care But wait it get worse, random characters appear out of nowhere do w/e they were supposed to progress story and disappears. It feels random and like its jumping all around the place.


Wasn't bad, it wasn't anything unique or great but i even liked it for the most part.


I really have no clue what characters have what character, they just appear do their part for the story to progress and that's it i can't really tell anything much about them even protagonist other than wanting to protect has almost no other traits.


Non-existent, clearly nothing was planned no world-building was done prior writing story and i can almost bet it was improvised on the go. It starts as realistic hand to hand combat and goes supernatural halfway through the story, while some other stories have done this and pulled it off quite well this one doesn't.


If you want to read short action manga and don't want to do any thinking this story is okay,

But if you want something deeper with a lore plot twist or anything other than few punches there and there this story gonna disappoint you.

2/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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