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Pokemon XY

Jan 8, 2017

Since 2009, I haven't watched Pokemon for a while. The last Pokemon I watched was Diamond and Pearl series. I have watched Pokemon since I was a kid, although there were some episodes I watched and some I didn't watch. In 2016, I went back to Pokemon since I really liked it. I watched some parts of the Best Wishes series and watched four full episodes of it, but I never finished much of it. I saw some parts of the XY series and some full episodes, I really liked it so I decided to watch all of the XY series full episodes and it was great. I watch the Pokemon series in English Dub.

The XY series is the best Pokemon series to watch because of the adventues and the characters. Seeing Mega Evolution is very fantastic, although the Bond Phenomenon is the best with Ash and Greninja becoming one known as Ash-Greninja. Serena who is a childhood friend of Ash is a great character, she does fit the role of becoming Ash's girlfriend and his wife. Also, she has a crush on Ash. The saddest moments are saying goodbye to Greninja and the XY group. I hope Ash sees them again soon in the future seasons. It's surprising that Serena kissed Ash in the XY finale to have him realise she loves him, I believe Ash smiling at Serena would mean that he loves her as well. Greninja and Serena are destined to become part of Ash's live. Even though XY has eneded, it is just the beginning of Ash falling in love. It is suprising that there were two female friends who traveled with Ash and that he has another male friend. Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie were the greatest friends Ash has ever had. I do miss Brock, but he has to study hard to become a Pokemon Doctor, I hope he sees Ash again. I wished the two special episodes would be aired in English Dub. I wished Greninja didn't have to be released. I know Goodra had to be released to be with his friends. I'm shocked that the XY series would be the last to be aired on Cartoon Network and that Pokemon will be moved to Disney XD.

I always believed that Ash would fall in love with May or Dawn because they were amazing. I never believed that Misty or Iris would be the one for Ash. Serena is the winner after all and that Amourshipping has come a canon. Looks like Ash and Serena would become a couple when the time comes.

Looks like all the female friends, Ash has argued with during the journey were all childish. Serena and Bonnie are the only two who he never argued with even though Bonnie is not a Pokemon Trainner. There was one argument that Ash had with Serena which was serious, when Ash lost to Wulfric, the eighth and final gym leader of Kalso, he was having some doubts and Serena tried to cheer him up, but Ash lashed at her, so she threw snowballs at him to get him back his senses and walked away. Ash was guilty for lashing at Serena, later got his senses back, and was able to master Ash-Greninja with Greninja in order to save Pokemon from being in danger. Later, the two reunited with Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie including Pikachu and their own Pokemon. Ash apologized to everyone and Greninja for worrying them so much. He even apologized to Serena for lashing at her and she forgave, she wanted to apologize to Ash for throwing snowballs at him, but he told her that the words she said to him got him back to his senses and two days later, Ash won his eighth and final gym badage.

For the record, it is about time Ash got kissed.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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