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Hello, all of you Lovely People!

I am Danielle but you may call me Dani if it's easier for you! :)

So I'm a huge anime and manga lover! I watch quite the variety even though most of them have something to do with Romance and Fantasy! <3

I am indeed a complete Hopeless-Romantic! I adore romance and getting to watch characters build as the story goes on. That's the main reason I started watching anime; because actual shows and movies these days in America are pretty sucky. ;-;

Here, I have a HUGE variety and they're extremely creative! I get to learn more about new things and see so many expressions and different types of relationships without having to watch the same thing over and over again! :D

At the Moment My Favorite Anime is:

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Includig the Second Season)!

2. <a class="tooltip" title="<h5>Btooom!</h5><ul class='entryBar'><li class='type'>TV (12 eps)</li><li>MADHOUSE</li><li class='iconYear'>2012</li><li><div class='ttRating'>3.9</div></li></ul><p>22-year-old Ryouta is an unemployed good-for-nothing who spends his days living at home and playing Btooom, a wildly popular online game that's sold over three million copies worldwide. Alongside other teammates, Ryouta battles it out with others using powerful bombs and sonar that can reveal hidden enemies, and his dedication has earned him the title of Japan's top player. But soon, Ryouta's pastime becomes a terrifying reality, as he and many others are dropped onto a tropical island and forced to play Btooom – but this time for real. Now, he and the rest must fight to the death by whatever means necessary, as the only way to win this deadly game is by killing seven of the other players.</p><div class='categories'><h4>Tags</h4><ul><li>Androphobia</li><li>Based on a Manga</li><li>Explicit Violence</li><li>High Stakes Games</li><li>Mature Themes</li><li>Physical Abuse</li><li>Play or Die</li><li>Seinen</li><li>Sexual Abuse</li><li>Sexual Content</li><li>Survival</li></ul></div> <div class='myListBar sep'> <h4>my anime:</h4> <span class='status1'></span> Watched - 1x<div class='ttRating'>5</div> </div> " href="" data-class="tooltip-full">Btooom!

3. <a class="tooltip" title="<h5>Yona of the Dawn</h5><ul class='entryBar'><li class='type'>TV (24 eps)</li><li>Studio Pierrot</li><li class='iconYear'>2014 - 2015</li><li><div class='ttRating'>4.2</div></li></ul><p>King Il of Kouka, a land said in legends to have been founded by four dragons, has only one remaining heir, a daughter named Yona. She lives a happy life in the palace with her cousin Soo-won, who she loves in spite of her father's opposition to them marrying. Her life is turned upside down when Soo-won murders her father and steals the throne. Yona, with her childhood friend and bodyguard Hak, must retreat to gather allies and reclaim her place as ruler of the kingdom.</p><div class='categories'><h4>Tags</h4><ul><li>Adventure</li><li>Based on a Manga</li><li>Fantasy</li><li>Political</li><li>Romance</li><li>Shoujo</li></ul></div> <div class='myListBar sep'> <h4>my anime:</h4> <span class='status1'></span> Watched - 1x<div class='ttRating'>5</div> </div> " href="" data-class="tooltip-full">Yona of the Dawn

At the Moment My Favorite Manga is:

1. Dengeki Daisy

2. Harem Lodge

3. Star-like Words (Yaoi Warning)

I have a lot of anime and mangas I sincerely love but those are the ones I chose to put on desplay for you all! <3

I am a very random person who can’t decide what to wear the next day because there are so many things I like. To put it straight, I don’t have a simple personality.

Although! I am really easy to talk to! XD

My traits kind of surround this area;

*Crazy/Neon Chick-

*Punk Rock-

*Flower Child-


*Very Sentimental-







*Giant Imagination-

*Embarrassed- (At moments like this I say things I don't mean to like the first insult off the top of my head or I glare a lot!) >.<

*Best Insults!- (Seriously, I am not much of the cursing type, so this comes out instead!) XD

So that just happened! :3

That is pretty much my everyday lifestyle. I told you it wasn’t simple. :)

Okay! Now for random facts because why not!?

I have a geological tongue which is a rare condition!
***It isn’t a disease or anything, but basically whenever I bite down on my tongue it splits apart in certain areas.

2. I was born directly on the cusp of two signs!!
***I’m mainly Sagittarius but I am also Scorpio! <3

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bobjoekaren Jun 8, 2016

Hey there and welcome to Anime-Planet! :D

I'm glad to have you join us! I hope you can find all your anime/manga-related needs here!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to write back and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

To start things off! What are you favorite anime titles? (:

Hope to hear from you soon and again, welcome to Anime-Planet! ^^

p.s. sweet profile!

booman7334 Jun 8, 2016

Hey there Danielle! Welcome to anime-planet I hope you enjoy it here and don't hesitate to send a message if you have questions or wanna chat. I hope to hear back from you :) I was wondering which genres you prefer to watch more on a regular basis?