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Welcome to my profile fellow anime fans or weebs!


I'm Gale!



Listen to some tunes while you're scrolling through:


I have different hobbies other than watching anime! I love to read manga, especially bl/boy love it is certainly my favorite. But I love to dance, talk to my friends, do bike rides and most importantly. I love to create stories, characters and worlds because my dream is to be a anime director and make plus create my own anime! I already have a few ideas planned out but I just can't wait to create my own stories and worlds!!

I first started anime when I was around maybe 13 or 14, I watched a few of them but then took a break and never started it again. That is until it was a late summer and I decided to pick up back on anime since I a friend of mine kept telling me about it. Believe it or not the anime that got me back into anime was Boku no Hero Academia, it is dear to me which is why I will never drop it no matter the fandom. But ever since my eyes have opened up to anime yet again and I have never loved it more, it is truly apart of me and I love it so much. 

Alrighty, onwards to the fun!! And scroll down for a discord invite link to a fun server!!

WARNING: Some contents such as my manga side is not suitable for younger viewers!! You have been warned!!!!


Some of my absolute favorites: (as of right now and not in order || links provided by right clicking)




Honorable Mentions:




Favorite Manga's/Manhwa's/Manhua's:





Ultimate Husbando:




Ultimate Waifu:




Many more animes, mangas and characters that I adore for! This is my second attempt at trying to make an appealing chart with myself!! 

I rate anime and manga based on different things and sometimes I don't rate it all usually because I'm tired or just maybe don't feel like it. However I'm slowly trying to push myself and become apart of that, with reviews, lists and reviews!! 

I'm always looking for more anime and manga from all genres, however I do apologize if I do not get around to it or just don't like it in general.

So come and talk to me! Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, much appreciated! Let's talk too!!

DO COME AND JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!! Here to make new friends and enjoy our anime/manga loving selfs!!!

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Venuette May 6, 2021

Hi, I apologize for this extremely late reply. I was really busy and I unfortunately couldn't be active on this site...

Thank you so much for follow back! I like your taste in anime and manga. :) And I noticed that Hanako is your husbando, I love him a lot as well! <3

My favourite anime is Monogatari Series, but some of my other all-time favourites are Perfect Blue, FLCL, The Tatami Galaxy and Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. As for manga, my favourite is definitely JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, especially Part 7. I also love Goodnight Punpun, Kaguya-sama and Silent Voice. I'm also currently reading Blade of the Immortal and I love it A LOT. What about you? Which anime and manga are your favourite?

Estrellalopez May 3, 2021

Hello again! I am sincerely sorry for the very late replying.

I agree BL does have that different taste to it. I would love to hear some of your recommendations!! I'm open to any that you recommend.
I haven't heard or watched most of your favorite anime intro & outros. But from the ones I have, I can tell you have great taste!!
Also, may I ask, do you recommend Moriarty the Patriot and Jujutsu Kaisen. I have been meaning to watch them but wanted to hear from someone about them.

Stay Safe and Have a great day/evening/night!! 

OkamiHime95 May 1, 2021

Hello, Gale.

Thanks. :) I understand and appreciate it when someone helps me with grammar and spelling errors in my novels, and possibly help me come up with ideas for them, but since I'm extremely sensitive to criticism, I take the negative ones pretty hard... I recently had a talk with a writer friend,

Thank you again for the offer, but I still have to decline. I'm really uncomfortable being around a lot of people, especially when I don't know anyone. Plus I have major trouble keeping up with "in-time" chatting. There's other reasons too, but I don't really want to go into them. 

You too! :D 

OkamiHime95 Apr 27, 2021

No problem. :)

I did, but I don't really work on them anymore, minus one. (Long story short, though I did get good feedback on them, the negative ones that I got really depressed me to the point of constantly questioning whether writing is really something I should be doing or not. So I've been really "stalling" on continuing. Plus I've had really bad "writers block" for a long time, so that hasn't helped either.)

LamiaNymph Apr 24, 2021

Thank you so much for following me back! You don't have to worry for responding a bit later, that doesn't bother me.

My personal favorite anime is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and my favorite manga is Aoi Horus no Hitomi.

Both have there problems, but I love them dearly.