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Shattered Angels

Mar 17, 2010

There is no much to say about this anime only that it was a waste of time ,

For the 6 first 6 episodes of the anime you don’t  know what in hell is going on

And why are the fighting and the protagonist the girl name KUU going on and on about

Her dear prince “ my dear aoji-sama “ every time she going to say what happen to her  she uses that little phrase and belief me after 3 episodes hearing that 8 times by episode almost make me wanted to kill my self.

Well the story goes that 10 years ago was a catastrophe when the brother of the male protagonist name

Kyoshiro supposedly try to prevent the Absolute Angels  to  be contact  since he fail it was a big explosion

And people die ……… Whatever …….moving on the brother Is obsess trying to kill all the   Absolute Angels  because he think what his brother die for that turns to be a bunch of lies then  he meets KUU the female protagonist  while attending school and KUU sees  in him the prince that always appear in her dream that always  tell her “ Let’s go Together “ ……… another cheese phrase that got  really annoying ,Well after the two meet    Kyoshiro just after meeting LOL during lunch in the school yard  get  her naked in from of the whole school …………LOL just kidding well he actually just almost takes off her blouse  any way  going further in the story feels so hollow like It need it more creativity  for real the story feel is all over the place and what kill the anime for me in the 10 episode  they introduce a new character the brother that die in the Explosion 10 years ago but that  is not the bad part is ………………….. He acts all gay and wont shut up he goes on and on about how beautiful he is and how good he is that kill the story for me the bother was picture be Kyoshiro the male protagonist to be like the calm, cool guy here just felt like a bad Comedy .

The animation was okay  no bad  and  at all good colors well blend and the characters  well draw not over the top sound was a bit off some music add it to the anime just did not felt like it belong there .

This is a production from  TNK Anime which I’m fan they have produce some good anime like

I My ME ! Strawberry eggs,  made in 2001 also in of my absolute favourites Scholl Days  made around

2007 which made this anime a disappointment  for me I don’t recommend to watch it .but be my guess don’t

don't say I didn’t warn you :p

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Galcifer Nov 1, 2010

i agree i force my self to watch it so i could write the review if u think the mian character was annoying if u decided to watch the rest u would go crazy about she going on and on about her Her dear prince “ my dear aoji-sama “  it just suck

Karinfan Oct 24, 2010

Ugh, I only watched the first episode and I was going "what the hell is going on..." the entire episode. I skimmed the rest, and it was all the same. Couldn't stand a bit of it. The main character has no self-confidence WHATSOEVER. Makes for a boring/awkward anime. Would not recommend.