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Plot: "Tomoe, Risty, Echidna, Iruma, Ymil, Cattleya and the other busty, scantily-clad warriors are back, and ready to compete in the Queen’s Blade tournament; also joining the fray is angel from heaven Nanael. With no knowledge of who they’ll be called to fight and if they’ll live to tell another day, the girls will have to deal with tentacles, acid-spitting mammaries, plentiful groping and endless exposing situations to jiggle their way to the top of the competition!" (site synopsis)

Story: To begin with, as i mentioned in other reviews i am very interested in ecchi animes even more i LOVE watching ecchi animes, one of them is this one, the second season of the anime Queen's Blade titled as Gyokuza wo Tsugomono (Heir to the Throne).For those who already seen the first season titled as Rurou no Senshi then i dont need to explain how it ended up until now, dont realy have much to tell about the story since there isnt a solid one to begin with nor to end with.Even so we know a few things about this anime, protagonists like Listy, Reina, Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Cattleya, Ymir, Elina, Echidna, Irma and others are fighting in a competition named Queen's Blade with the purpose of becoming the Queen of Gainos, but to do that first they need to deal with the actual queen, Aldra, who plots to eliminate her oponents one by one.One thing i got to mention here, if you think that this anime has a nice and real action or real fights who keep you in suspense then turn around and keep looking for other animes because you wont find this stuff in this one, Queen's Blade is all about ecchi, nudity, panty shots, boobs and nipples neverending, in other words random placed Fan Service.

Animation: Nothing that catches your atention, except for its over exposed nudity aspect and neverending boobs and nipples this anime doesnt exceed in terms of animation.One thing that i am impressed is the character designs which fits the character personality very well.

Sound: Horrible.The opening has a decency mark but the ending lol the only suitable word that i could find is funny but seriously in terms of sound this thing ruins everything! The background sounds kinda fits the medieval environment in this anime, the only thing that realy fits in the anime perfectly, probably.

Characters: Again, as we know in extremely rare cases, ecchi animes have story or character development.In the first season of this anime we had a decent character development but in Heir to the Throne we dont see any new characters showing up, nothing.All characters, individualy are also undeveloped, nothing changed from the first season more exactly, but nothing that i might call unexpected.

Overall: If you are in the mood of watching something ecchi with excessive nudity aspects and boobs, nipples all over then this anime might make your day but if you dont just forget about it and go on with you life otherwise you will regret watching this anime.Since i am a fan of ecchi animes i enjoy almost all of them, even though they dont have a strong story or character development, i still rate them higher then what they deserve mainly because i realy enjoyed it, this one is kinda special since its in my top 5 ecchi animes for quite a while.Watching this anime kinda reminded me of Sekirei or Ikkitousen seasons but at least those 2 had some real fights, this is the thing that kinda makes difference between this animes.The same, i rate this anime higher than normal for the reasons mentioned above.

~As always just my thoughts~                ~When it ends i will make a final review~

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Final Review

I think that the ending of this second season of Queen's Blade titled as Heir to the Throne or Gyokuza wo Tsugomono was predictable.Since most of the important moments, crucial moments were centered on Vance Reina then the ending was predictable from the first season.Even so the ending kinda impressed me, there were several turns of events and some miraculous entries of some protagonists that i thought that were dead.The ending was briliant thou but i wish for a third season, mainly because this one kinda left some unclarities.Of course i raise the rating because of the briliant ending and the way stuff developed.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

7.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
9.3/10 overall

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LinkSword Oct 22, 2010

This anime is terrible and its only redeeming factor is Airi.

I'll say though that the second season has been better than the first, with the tournament structure and all rather than random garbage. But it's still very bad nonetheless.