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Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun (My Heartfelt Sympathy Ninomiya-kun)

Plot: "Shungo is an extraordinary high school student; in addition to his studies, he’s been trained by his mercenary sister to be a top mercenary. Their newest task involves the Tsukimura siblings; both of them have the powers of a succubus, but Mayu has a slight problem: she suffers from androphobia – a fear of men! Shungo’s new objective is to help Mayu overcome this phobia and protect her from the men her succubus powers naturally draw to her; but this becomes more difficult once he becomes the guinea pig for social experiments involving Mayu, such as sharing the same bed and even bathing together! To make matters worse, the ever-growing popularity of Mayu at school and the student council president’s infatuation with Shungo only add to his workload!" (not my work, this is the site synopsis)

Story: Gawd, if there is an anime that is so similar with Girls Bravo then this one is it both artwise, story wise and graphic content as well. The story is concentrated on Ninomiya Shungo a student trained to become a top mercenary by his sister. One day his sister shows up giving him a task: to protect Tsukimura Mayu from other men but he encounters some issues. Mayu suffers from androphibia (fear of men) and when a man touches her he instantly faints .Also he is informed that she detains succubus powers, powers that can steal life force from a normal human and she can also attract the oposite sex, but here interferes her powers that she can't control mainly because of her androphobia, she attracts men, but at the same time the men that touches her they faint, all except Shungo, that apparently developed somekind of an imunity. Even though she is supposed to be different than a normal human, body wise she isn't the only disorder is the succubus issue and her fear towards men. Since Shungo has an imunity against her succubus power, he must train her to get ridh of her androphobia but in the end this experience proved to be very tiresome for Shungo, everyday dealing with the schemes of her sister and Mayu's brother. As they spend much more time both of them start to develop a special relationship but they are not allowed to kiss because even though Shungo can touch her he must not kiss her otherwise he will put his life in danger. Things change when another character enters in the picture Reika Houjo. Things become weird since they shy Mayu in Reika's presence, changes her personality completely. Also the sudden flashbacks which all the characters feel, what are they supposed to mean? This anime infact doesnt have such a well made story since it has ecchi as main tag, its more concentrated on Fan Service stuff.But still it wasnt left undone but only near the ending the things reach a culminant point and all stuff are cleared. Whoever seen Girls Bravo then they should really check this one out because its mainly the same thing, with a different presentation and with shorter lenght.

Animation and Sound: In terms of animation this anime is kinda average.The character design isnt so bad there was room for more improvements. In terms of sounds from my point of view this anime was great i mean even the opening song and ending song were great but also the background sounds werent that bad.

Characters: The character development is also above average but there are some holes in it.We got to know Ninomiya's past and the relationship that he had with Mayu but there were many characters left in the dark from my point of view but as i said this anime concentrates alot on Fan Service stuff and less on story/character development but again as i said it wasnt realy left unsolved.

Overall: As an overall i find this anime pretty cute, funny and enjoyable mainly because of the ecchi stuff.For ecchi fans this anime is a "must to watch" because im damn sure that you guys will like it.And as you guys can see i rated it 8.5 as an overall (even though the normal mark is 7.7) because despite the holes in the story/character development i truly enjoyed watching it and i laughed hard at some scenes thats why i rate it higher.

~Enjoy and Cya around~

6.5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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airbornefilip May 7, 2012

You sure do great rewiews. I enjoyed watching this anime and reading manga.