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Shattered Angels

Dec 4, 2010

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Shattered Angels)

Plot: "Average, boring, and nothing special; this is how Shiratori Kuu feels about herself and her life as a high school student in Academia. On what begins as any other day, Kuu's life is spun upside down when a new student transfers to her class. As soon as she sees his face, she is astonished, for this is no ordinary boy – he looks just like the prince she has dreamt of for so long! He extends a hand to her and repeats the words she has somehow heard before, "Lets go... Together." But it is never that easy, is it? A world that seemed so dull is now torn apart by a whirlwind of love and hate, and the conflict that plagues all those involved." (site synopsis)

Story: Ok, another anime show that involves bishounen and bishoujo characters. Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora proved to be something like a rip-off from Kannazuki no Miko the only difference is in the presentation. While Kannazuki no Miko exceled in its shoujo-ai setup, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora offers something different a male x female relationship this time alongside some yuri relations as well. Another show where the romance aspect plays an important role but its not the only one fortunately. Since i refered this one to KnM then you know what you should expect, mecha battles. The story begins with a girl named Shiratori Kuu, apparently a normal high school girl which led a boring and average life. Deep down she always felt like she was empty ("kuu" actualy means empty) inside of her, like a part of her has been ripped off. All good until one day when she gets accquainted with a very handsome guy, with the looks of a prince which used to appear in her dreams. The guy's name Ayanokoji Kyoshiro. Like the prince in her dreams, Ayanokoji does the same thing, he immediately gets in her way and tells her "Let's go...Toghether". Who ever thought that these words holds more meanings than the obvious one. Kyoshiro is followed by a beatiful girl named Setsuna which holds mysterious powers. She claims that she is Kyoshiro's sword and her use is to slash all of Kyoshiro's enemies. Setsuna actualy is an Angel, a weapon which in Kyoshiro's vision will be used to destory the world, and to prevent that the remaining Angels need to destroy themselves in battle. Although Setsuna is Kyoshiro's sword, to replenish her energy (mana) after each battle, it requires a kiss from Kyoshiro. But after spending so much time with him, Setsuna started to grow feelings towards Kyoshiro but unfortunately this will only be a one-sided love since in reality Kyoshiro despises her. When Shiratori Kuu entered in the picture, Setsuna begins to see her as a rival but since she swore to obey Kyoshiro's order she overlooks everything between them. As time goes by the feelings between Kyoshiro and Kuu start to get even deeper almost to the point when they are ready to confess. However Kuu's mysterious existance, the battles between the Angels, the appearences of new characters will stand as obstacles in their way. Another couple that is important in this show is the one between the Angel, Kaon Murakumo and Himiko (the lesbian couple of this show). Kaon is the Mika's sword, but unlike Kyoshiro she is far more ruthless. She is obsessed with possessing Murakumo and to do that she proceeds to any ways necessary to do so. When she realizes the strange relationship between her and Himiko she immediately starts to get in their way. Complicated story but after a few episodes its starting to get pretty predictable. Same like KnM this show also presents another important theme, the reincarnation theme. It was a nice watch, even though each episode begins the same way "My dear prince..." kinda gets annoying, and also Kuu's neverending monolog with herself, never stoping from praising Kyoshiro in her thoughts really gets to your nerves. I just wish that there would've been more focuse on the lesbian couple.

Animation and Sound: I liked the animation quality, design and directing of this show, The backgrounds were average, typical for these types of shows, and also the character design was very well made. I liked the way they designed Setsuna and Kyoshiro. Kaon and Himiko were the perfect copy of Chikane and Himeko from KnM. The sound was kinda forgetable both the opening and the ending song didn't really pleased my ears since I kinda like songs which are abit more deep. The background sound though was much better, perfect fit for the atmosphere of this show.

Characters: Pretty dissapointed. In the end both Kyoshiro and Kuu were extremely predictable. There wasn't even a need to develop them since after a few episodes you can damn guess what the hell is all about. Setsuna as well, though as i said above i wished that the authors of this show would've concentrated more on the other couple rather than this obvious one.

Overall: All in all, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora was a nice watch. An anime set in a contemporan time but with a medieval setting, i really liked the setting of this show. The animations of this show was full of colors, very eye candy~ish and style~ish. If it wasn't that predictable I would've probably rated it alot more. Fans of Kannazuki no Miko will definitely enjoy this one even though at times it can get pretty annoyng.

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.3/10 overall

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