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100% Perfect Girl

Nov 30, 2010

Here I am with my second manga review. First one was about a sweet yuri manga that i enjoyed alot, called Girl Friends. Now I've read something different, a whole lot different which really impressed me a lot. So enough with the brief introduction and off to reviewing 100% Perfect Girl.

Honestly, I never expected this manga to be this good. I came across it accidentaly, by doing a background check of the author Wann, the author of Can't Lose You manhwa which I've finished before finding this one, I gave it a shot not knowing what I was in for. Typical for korean manhwa's, the authors put a lot of effort in the art of characters and in fashion, making them as beautiful as if they were ripped off from fairy tales. But the most important characteristic that dominates this manhwa is actualy its romance aspect. In 100% Perfect Girl you breath romantic air, you smell romantce, you touch romance, you read romance and you only see romance. Even though the characters look like they were taken from fairy tales, the story isn't, since it reflects real life in its own way. Although it has its dose of unrealism, this manga actualy never steps in the fantasy realm. The story revolves around a korean 18-year old girl called Jay Jin. The story begins with her in the center of attention and a few details about her background. She has a older brother who is supported by her mother to become something important in life, leaving Jay completely on her own with only a few advices, to drop her dream about becoming a professional painter, to get a job to sustain herself and eventualy to get married, something that she doesn't intend to do. Even though the environment where she lives continues to put pressure on her, just when she was about to drop her only dream, fate gets in her way. She meets in a hotel a young beautiful guy that actualy wasn't from Koreea, in other words a foreigner. She never thought that this will actualy be the begining of a sweet romance story. The man falls deeply in love with her, he gets spellbound by her beauty, he continued to follow her around even though he didn't knew where she was taking him. Later after an innocent accident, the truth about him is revealed, his name is Jarte Marx and he is actualy the king of Roinne, a prosperous small country. Even though she found out who he actualy is, her attitude towards him doesn't change, she accepts him for what he is, as a friend and she doesn't see him as a royalty, which was a first for a man that never actualy knew what love was, a man that closed his heart until he meet Jay. Even though his first attempt to reveal his love towards her fails, he continued to pursue her until they came up with a truce. Until Jay was ready to admit that she loves him and to be ready to marry him, they will just get engaged. For a girl that until she met him, she never thought that she will become a royalty this was indeed a shock. But the real challenge begins after this. Fortunately, this manga won't be that boring, with the 1-2-3 "and they lived happily ever-after", immediately after Jay is brought to Roinne at his palace and after she gets accquainted with his subordinates and his sister, Lucienne, she experiences a side of Jarte that she wasn't aware, the fact that he actualy is a possessive lover. After gathering some information about his past she acknoledges why he became like that. Well enough now with spoilers, i kinda made a bit more of a mere introduction, just one more thing, this manga features a lot of twist smainly because, Jarte won't really be the single man in Jay's life but he will surely play the vital role in this manhwa. What i have to say is that this manga won't dissapoint in terms of plot twists, action scenes and character development.

Regarding the characters, well they aren't as real as the story tends to be. Korean manhwa's usually tend to be realistic in terms of setting, events but unrealistic regarding characters. However I can't ignore the fact that even though they weren't realistic characters they were actualy well developed. Absolutely no character was left in the dark everything was covered from top to bottom. The art is splendid, actualy even better than the art used by the same author in a more earlier work, the one i mentioned above, Can't Lose You.

So if you want to read a good josei manga, then look no further, 100% Perfect Girl is the Perfect choice. The story even though it develops on alot of plans, all of them are developed well enough so that you won't get confused. The art of this manga is also exceptional and the plot twists will make sure that you shall stick to it until the end. It won't dissapoint.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Tasuki May 2, 2011

I finished reading this manwha yesterday and very much enjoyed it. Thru all 11 volumes you will never get bored. There is a lot of romance but also a lot of drama involved. Sometimes a bit too much drama for my taste. The only downside for me were the impossible situations Jay kept ending up in in a series of unfortunate encounters and events. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, oh boy yes it could! What also annoyed me a bit was that every hot guy in the story wanted to jump Jay immediately while at the same time they all proclaimed how plain and ordinary she was looking. I mean come on, I know manga style books like to overdo things, but this was a bit ridiculous. All in all it was a fun-to-read series that got me hooked immediately and I recommend it to anyone who likes steamy romances with a bout of drama spiced in!