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Kiddy Grade

Jan 27, 2010

Kiddy Grade

Plot: "In the distant future many things have changed. Worlds are colonized and people travel the stars freely. The GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trades and Tarifs) exists to maintain order and peace along the galaxies. Enter two ES members. Eclair and Lumiere. They are sent on missions to keep the universal peace, under the flag of GOTT. But soon they come to realize that there is more going on behind the scenes than they previously imagined..." (site synopsis)

Since it has been quite a while since i made my last review here, i came back reviewing one of the animes that i completed recently and which i damn enjoyed, couldn't stant it and i needed to express my feelings of gratitude towards Kiddy Grade which in my opinion was a very good anime which worths watching, and is accesible for everyone.

Story: To begin with the story of this anime is centered on two ES-members (ES as Encounter of Shadow- work Force) of the G.O.T.T. (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs) named Eclair and Lumiere. The ES team consists of 12 members divided into teams of two and each team possess a unique and distinctive combination of superpowers which makes them pretty strong and available for hard missions. Kiddy Grade's futuristic world is pretty amazing, people are no longer bound to Earth only, they expanded their horizons, terraforming other planets for the sake of continuing life in other corners of the universe aside from Earth, also the advanced technology did not resolve the most problematic and persisten humanity issues, crimes and other infractions were still happening, and the need for ES-members who can deal with them is rising. The story of Kiddy Grade focuses mostly on two things: Eclair's mysterious and intriguing past and the interactions between the Nouveless (Nouveless infact can be also spelled as Nobles, and they are also called earthlings mainly because they were born on Earth, usually Nobles were rich and influent people who were possessing other planets as well and subjugates other people which are not originar from Earth) and G.O.T.T. Though the first 8-10 episodes are mostly dedicated on presenting and developing the bond between Eclair and Lumiere, the other twelve ES-members, important political figures and also the upper-management of G.O.T.T. The plot of Kiddy Grade is developing kinda slow, the first episodes may seem an eternity but the good things which are happening after, makes it really interesting and attractive, it doesnt lack drama nor comedy moments, alot of action here and there and also some Fan Service aspects (usually it maintains its decency but this is also a "less" predominant aspect of this show). Filled with plot twists, Kiddy Grade isn't in my opinion an average anime, and nor an anime with an average type of story/plot. The only thing i have to complain is that the plot twists may seem abit confusing, they dun make too much sense though they aren't left unsolved, undone. Not being perfect though i still give it a full mark only because it kept me captivated and i could marathon it and not pause it from time to time (if i like the story of an anime then i usually marathon it from head to toe, so of course this will get a good mark from me)

Animation and Sound: Gonzo maintains the reputation of delivering great animation visuals and also nice soundtracks. The character designs are great, well drawn and the soundtracks are very good, pretty listenable. Also this anime is filled with complicated advanced technology stuff, futuristic shit, if you think too much about them your head will explode, but they are not provoking eye sore.

Characters: The lowest point in my opinion of this anime is probably the characters, dun get me wrong this anime has a nice character development but the way they are explained and how many they throw at us its pretty annoying. In the end the plot will revolve around one complex character with a detailed past (way more developed than the other side-characters) and the other characters are just some mere plot elements and not some stuff that needs to be focused on. I really can't rate this aspect higher, since the way Eclair, Eclipse, Lumiere and the other characters were developed was very shalow.

Overall: All in all, Kiddy Grade in my opinion worths watching, it has a decent plot, the characters even though they are shalowy developed they are very funny, it doesnt lack comedy nor drama, it also has some Fan Service aspects, i also noticed and felt a shoujo-ai atmosphere in it, it has great visuals and some nice battles.

Here are some pics:

~Enjoy and Cya Around~

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
9/10 overall

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MrAnime Aug 22, 2011

This is truly my most perosnal favorite anime. Thanks for reviewing it.


It makes me smile each time I hear the title.

MageOnx Oct 21, 2010

WOW! I never thought it was possoble to insert pictures and videos in a review... But, putting the surprise effect aside, I like your review and what you wrote in it. You made up my mind! ^^