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Hi hi. My name is Caleb (I wanted to spoiler this but they no work on profiles T^T)

I am equal parts kind, funny, and fashionable, and then the rest of me is just manic. I'm passably handsome, love Japanese culture, and am very serious about silly things (and, cherrywise, silly about the serious.)

I'm interested in everything, particularly making friends, so say hello! I'm a literature major, published poet, and all around lover of art. I've been watching anime since being a wee lad, and it has inexplicably become part of my personality, and I am very proud of that. Feel free to strike up any conversation with me! 

Much like some of my heroes -- Lord Byron, Keats, Shelley and Coleridge -- I am a Romantic, and seek the beauty and horror of the sublime. I love sweet romance, bitter heartbreak, and deep, existential terror in my anime, but will watch juuuuust about anything. 

In no particular order, my favorite anime are Spice and Wolf, Shiki, Re:LIFE, Great Teacher Onizuka, and Ano Hana.

I own somewhere in the ballpark of 200 manga, but I've actually never read any of them. I just started collecting them from thrift stores and it got kind of out of control. 

If you would like to know anything about me, feel free to ask, I love friendship!

Rating system: I follow a pretty simple formula when rating. I do not attempt to rate "objectively" and much prefer how a show made me feel (I feel this is a good balance. Some view anime as one views art, some view anime as entertainment. I try to balance both in my rating)

5: A true work of art, a show that might have faults, but none strong enough to tarnish how wonderful it is as a work of art and entertainment.

4.5: A great show, whose faults might have been a bit too obvious to be great, but still winds up being thoroughly entertaining. Even with their issues, these series usually stick with me somehow and will be rewatched eventually. 

4: A good show, whose faults definitely ruin it becoming something great, but still manages to be enjoyable. These might stick with me, but aren't something I'm particularly keen on rewatching.

3.5: A perfectly fine show, whose faults would irritate me from an art point, but are enjoyable from a mindless entertainment point (or vice versa). Isekai and/or ecchi generally falls here, and to some, even 3.5 is too high, but I lean on entertainment the further down I rate.

3: A fine show, that is either just barely artful or entertaining. These titles usually had promise but just fell apart from poor execution. I rate them a little higher for trying.

2.5 and below: Shows that were a struggle to get through, but at least something kept me around to finish. 

.5: School Days and Gantz.

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NorthPole Nov 24, 2019

Just a reminder your picks are due soon for secret santa.

Head on over to the forums and check your PM.

Please don't make santa choose for you!

OkamiHime95 Nov 14, 2019

Thanks so much, and I'll be sure to check out the writers discussion thread when I get the chance! ^^

You can call me OkamiHime, or just Okami or just Hime if you'd like.

OkamiHime95 Nov 14, 2019

I really like your profile, and wanted to say that I'm a writer too, though I'm way too afraid to show my works to anyone in fear of judgement. (I don't have anything published yet nor do I have them anywhere online for that reason...) I've been working on a few stories off & on for a few years as well as poems, but haven't got back into writing since it seems no one is really interested in them, so I pretty much gave up & lost inspiration. :(

Anyway, I'm looking to make new friends too since I'm fairly new here and don't really have many people to talk to.

FriendlyDemon Oct 27, 2019

GTOwInizuka said: "Haha, I actually agree, I find embarrassing myself to be a humbling, learning experience, more often than not. And as for the cry, I'm just a big softboi cribabi. 

For the Elijah/Daniel debate, it really depends on the angle. Smiling, my gap teeth gives me more of an Elijah vibe, serious face and glasses, much more Daniel.

I'll definitely try to find that movie, it sounds really fun!

And I agree, I know many are tired of Mr. Depp, but that baffles me, I think he's always so capable and phenomenal. Helena is also pretty great too.

And movie for the first time? I would love to see Pan's Labyrinth for the first time again. The joy and horror of fantasy clashing with dismal reality. Such a beautiful film, but I would love to see it again for the first time. As for anime, I would say... AnoHana, so I could cry as hard again, Great Teacher Onizuka, so I could laugh as hard again, or FMA: Brotherhood, so I could once again appreciate the incredible depth of story that only could be made in this wonderful medium.

Return question, if you had to LIVE in a movie/anime world, which would you choose, and why?"

The big softboi comment made me wonder how tall are you. Based on your picture, I would say... 186 cm? Am I right? If I'm correct I want a cookie :D

Mr. Depp :))))) like Depp-san/Depp-sama/Depp-senpai :))))) That was so cute!!! I loved that! 10 point to Gryffindor! :D

Pan's Labyrinth was a good movie, I give you that! Soooo interesting to watch! As for your anime picks... not my style, so I won't comment :P I did enjoy FMA though.

An anime world to live in... tough question! Library war would be nice. I love freedom of expression and I try to advocate for it in real life so nothing would change (outside of the guns, obviously :D ). Death parade is a good pick also since you get to see a lot of people and you can learn alot. GATE would be interesting since you get to explore and learn about a new world or Psycho-Pass so I can be a detective and it would also be fun to see what my crime coefficient would be :D It's to hard to choose one!!! This is not a fair question!!!

I'm not even going to try for movies because then I'll only remember more an more stuff I've seen and I want to be in most of them :D I'll just say AHS and let it go :D

Can't wait to see your answer! Something cute? Something cheesy? Or a total twist and you'll go will something totally horror? Let's see what happens! :D

FriendlyDemon Oct 22, 2019

GTOwlnizuka said: "Nice to meet you Ana! I think I would not be the main character because i'm a terrific bore. All I do is cry, watch anime, and embarrass myself. If that film was somehow greenlit, I would likely be played by Elijah Woods, or Daniel Radcliffe (people say I look like them often). That movie you linked sounds lovely, I'll have to check it out sometime! Are you a fan of Johnny Depp, or do you just think he's quirky enough to capture your idiosyncrasies?"

If you embarras yourself that means you are willing to be challenged and that's a big plus in my book. The cry part is interesting. I would ask why but it's weird so I'll skip this for now.

I can see the Daniel Radcliffe but Elijah Woods? He has the acting range of an old shoe... and, to me, you look nothing like him :P

If you do end up watching the movie, let me know! I loved it and was sad to see the rating it got. I think it's dark and funny but hey, taste is subjective! I gave it a 9/10 sooo pretty high rating.

Spot on with your comment on Johnny Depp. When I think about his roles (and how he sometimes behaves in real life) he is the ideal candidate for the part! I don't know any actresses that could/are as quirky as him. I would have choosen Helena Bonham Carter but I haven't seen her in a funny role so it's not a perfect fit.

Since we are (more or less) talking about movies, if you could see one movie (not anime) again for the first time, what would it be and why? For me is a tie between Saw (all them 1-6, the others don't matter, in my opinion), especially Saw V, and Identity. It's all about the mind fuck I got when I watched them. The twists in both of them... it was awesome! (not sure if you watched them so I won't elaborate). Might be even harder to make the choice if I think more so I'll end it here. The experiement, Shutter islandSe7enArgo damn... tooo many good movies out there! :D (If we are talking anime the answer is Bleach. I just love it! I've watched it 3 times and will watch it again if they put it on Netflix, but I did just got a VPN so I might have to rewatch it sooner than later :D )