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SaberHikari Jun 21, 2018

I'm not sure but i think elfen lied there is a dub version, but i'm not sure!

It's is a really good anime i think you won't regret it!

SaberHikari Jun 20, 2018

Well if you like action with horror i will recomend Elfen Lied (It's a very cool anime), Mirai Nikki, Another, Btoom.

If you want some comedy or romantic Comedy i would recomend Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, Special A.

Noragami is a very good anime too.

I also can recomend  Charlotte, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Full Metal Panic.

Thera are a lot more but you can take a look in the synopsis if this ones and then if you don't like just tell me and i can try to recomend you some more! :D

SaberHikari Jun 20, 2018


I see you have watched Fate Stay Night. If you like it i strongly recomend to you to watch the rest of the saga wich includes: Fate zero witch is passed 10 years before Fate Stay Night; Fate Unlimited Blade Works witch is a diferent route from the Visual Novel of Fate Stay Night; Fate Apocrypha not connected to the others but is really good too and Fate Heavens Feel witch is the third route of the Visual Novel of Fate (there is only one film now but they are going to be 3)

Fate Zero and Aprocrypha are based on a Light Novel.

What kind of genres do you like so i can recomend to you some more?

SaberHikari Jun 13, 2018

Hello there! I want to welcome you to Anime-Planet!

I hope you enjoy the site and the time you will spend here! It's really a good site to organize your anime/manga and to meet other Otakus.

If you have any question or simply want to chat feel free to send a message anytime.