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Dead Heat

Sep 10, 2019

When you get a shiny new mecha bike handied to you, because obviously you have some sort of hidden talent, all is good in OAV 80's anime world. 

So, this is the first mecha title I have seen where the machine seems to glide on wheels. Rideback or even Code Geass might owe something to this, I am not sure. I mean, there is wearable mecha, and one with wheels on the feet, but none that kinda skate along the ground that I saw before this. Even Mospeada bikes boost with jetpacks or walk with feet.

Anyhow, mecha designs look pretty good. The races allow you to not only knock into eachother, but you can also use your Mecha's arms to knock your opponent down.

Character designs are so-so. I mean, They are sort of unique, but not the best. ANimation for an OVA looks bad. I mean it looks like par at best even next to a well animated TV show. 

I am a bit of a softy for 80's OAVs, but this one did not amp up the look at all to showcase anyone in-particular. I'd almost say it needed more in-between work to make it more fluid. 

So, if you are wondering about the story, there is not much. It is your basic underdog team that gets a godsend machine that somehow makes an even playing field for them. 

I will say it does not have the ending I predicted, So I will give it that. 

Anyhow, there is a few outlest to see this for free if you can find it. It is kind of a worthy title if only to see the clever racing idea with mecha designs. 

5/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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