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I think I am going to create a reverse romance!

First thing, I need a hapless heroine who is attractive to the males in the title for no in particular reason other than she is of the opposite gender.

We now need some guys. Let's make one A brawny sporty type who is into her, a fun guy who you can laugh at (but chances are slim the girl would end up with him) now we need the guy who acts like he doesn't like her at first, yeah just like that. Oh and a quiet cute boy.

Me: "You know what we are missing?"  

Audience: "An Asshole guy?"

Yeah we need one of those. If we have enough time let's throw in some teachers that are way too old for the girl.   Hmm, we have too many guys, time to add some useless extra "girlfriends" who hardly help the story.  Now where is the mascot?  Yeah you know the magic in the story?  OK, now we have that let's get rolling. See, I can make the ingredients of a poorly constructed reverse Harem. 

STORY: When one watches a reverse romance once must be careful not to run into an unending story of pretty boys who love the lackluster girl, but if you do look for a good hook. This one relied on the "magic" of a violin that is suddenly dropped in the hands of a girl who previously had no intentions of playing. Now I am not saying the initial premise was bad. For a title that came out when it did it tried hard to give us a reason to want to see the girl do well, but it does stumble a bit searching for an end. There are some strong moments and surprises as the top musicians play at 4 separate performances in which they are graded. It threw a few moves I did not expect and some issues with how the magic worked. But for the most part it was only a chore to watch once in a while, it hummed along well enough... But lord! Have a fucking end, please! It is not like they were ruining some fantastic piece of literature by ending it.

Animation: Quality standards are set by a 4 year old in an art school.  This really is a title that completely needs to revisit hair designs. Half the guys have a moppy pointy mess in a rainbow of colors, while a couple dudes at least enjoy stiff long hair.  And speaking of stiff, welcome to bad movement altogether. Luckily if they play instruments, the art team wisely chose a shot over a shoulder, or hands covered by a piano. Now there were a handful of violin plays that look like they gave that art to the A-team but as for the rest? D-team.

Sound: Now this is where the review part of the new format might need a change. The overall sound is different from the music, but seeing that the Music is the main strength of this title, I have to go there. There is music a plenty in this title, and a lot of the short arrangements were perfect for the instrument they were chosen for. Outside of hearing Ave Maria a wee bit much, I thought many of the choices were spot on. If you ever wanted a great classical OST seriously check this one out.  Also the intro song, while 90's adult contemporary in sound, was compelling, and I found myself listening to it each time it played.

Characters As I have mentioned, there are some good and some truly awful characters. The fact that the space cadet blond kid was my favorite character is not a good sign. Many of the characters seem to get their time in the sun with the heroine, but none get more than an episode of development... EXCEPT (Spoilers)


The asshole. Yes, the one guy in the title that is somewhat verbally abusive and surprisingly evil, gets the most dynamic story with his Grandmother (another asshole), 


(Not spoilers)

Overall: I watched this with my wife and searched it out because she enjoyed another reverse harem that I actually disliked worse than this. In fact after we completed La Corda, I did look for all the sequel parts, such as the dreadful Summer episode, and the odd OAV ends, but in the end, if you like a reverse Harem, it is not as good as Fushigi Yugi or Fruits Basket, but it is loads better than Diabolic Lovers or Amnesia. The music helped, much like sugar making the medicine go down. 

5/10 story
3/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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