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TheCoffeeGod Feb 28, 2014


But I tend to delete comments.

DavidWP Feb 26, 2014

Thanks for the kind words :) I don't really like my Shiguri rant video as I filmed it during the summer and decided not to upload straight away because I felt like I could have done better, I only uploaded it just so my channel could have some content, instead of leaving my subscribers with nothing. I see that you dropped the series, well you didn't miss much, there's nothing else too it, it's more of the same and it doesn't get anymore interesting - well in my opinion anyway, you might actually like it and join some of the comentors on the video defending it.

krukky Feb 15, 2014

thank you. as one friend recently told me as we were discussing the ways to produce anime in our country, "anime comes from god" :3 so i mean that we are really just enjoying it :)

hoffstyle Dec 16, 2013

Hey Funk, sure thing!

Saphiro01 Dec 16, 2013

Thanks for the compliment. I need to write a few more recs as I watch my winter sick marathon (feeling a soar throat as I type). Hope we can both work toward letting other people answer the question 'What should I watch this week?' It is indeed a hard one. ^_^b