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frankstleBilly Oct 18, 2015

So you enjoyed Ore Monogatari? :P

frankstleBilly Aug 24, 2015

Thanks a bunch mate! Glad you thought them useful enough to mark them as such :)

Yeah, out of town and even out of the bloody country for now, but the chaps that work here were good enough to give me the WiFi password. It DOES mean that all the REcaptcha malarkey is in French, though x)

Anyway, happy to hear back from you! ^^

frankstleBilly Aug 14, 2015

Your reviews are a fantastic read, man ^^ love reading what you have to say and I admire your experience with anime XD

Jmonk Jun 30, 2015


Your review about Mameshiba is interesting. That is commercial rather than anime. I didn't think Mameshiba is in this site. 

Ziferon Apr 8, 2015

No sir, thank you for the review. Would have never found it other wise.

And yeah, been a member for quite some time, but don't know what that affords. Even beat you by a bit it seems.

Never quite got involved in community though.

Anywho, you keep up those reviews and more importantly, keep finding good anime. If not for me, then for yourself.