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Hmm, ahhhhh, well, you know 'nd stuff .... yeah! My point exactly.

I devoted myself to Anime, Music, drawing, writing, EVE and the movie-series-bla-whatever.

I'm kind of a hikikomori in some ways. I don't go out alot and i don't like it, but when i have to then i have to. otherwise i prefer to stay in my cave and write on a collection of short stories and the first arc in one of my universes.

So basically, GIMMME TEH COOKIES!!!! NAO!!! ^-_-^

add: NYAA!

life spent on anime is kinda bit short. dont wanna know how often i rewatched Hellsing, Hayate no Gotoku, mononoke, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nana, ect. the ones i like i rewatch almost in a monthly fashion.

i think the most repetition i had i think with Princess Mononoke. watched it almost every night before sleeping. had a calming effect on me. Spice and Wolf, Elfenlied, Wolfs Rain and Haibane Ranmei helped alot too.

2013 add.:

i go out a lot more. it can't be helped since i got a job at the local library. i love libraries. the concept alone is awesome, but not everybody shares my enthusiasm, i guess, since they are almost extinct. it won't take too long and there wont be any conventional libraries anymore and everything will be on the net, surfing the cloud. weeeee

I still watch lots of Anime and love music(almost can't live without it) 

Wrote some more stuff and maybe a book if i find the time to actually finish one. have some great ideas.

moved to a new place. love it.

2020 addendum:
Yaay Qarantine.
the world is going mad with peoples "i'm offended" bullshit. (#CancelCulture ?)
idiots in america(not all but there are a lot) use the 'black lives matter' nonsense(every life matters. saying otherwise is just as racist as white privilege shit) as  an excuse to steal shit and let loose and destroy random peoples livelyhood. woohoo. what a bunch of moronic pricks.
EVE is finally dying. they desere it. idiots killed incarna. was the only thing that could have saved it.
Stay safe peeps.

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