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I love animes. I used to watch them years ago when they aired in Hindi on Animax or Sony. But now I started watching them again in English Dub or English Sub.

I really love animes. Although I am not expert of it. :P

People around me think that it's childish to watch animes. But they don't know that different series contains different maturity level. All of them are not like 'tom and jerry'. And I don't give them a damn.

I never knew that people from all over the world are crazy about Animes. Love to meet you guys.

My very first anime was..... uuuhhh!!! I don't even remember

I used to watch them on TV unlike online today so couldn't watch for years on TV.

When I started my animes online my first anime was Peach Girl. It was a random choice


Animes made me go mad and watched them in one go:

1. Clannad

2. Clannad after story

3. Air

4. Kannon

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

6. Death Note

7. Psycho-pass

Anime I admire the most: NANA

Song I like: Starless Night (from NANA only)


Looking forward for a great experience on this site. :)

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Eretzvaju Apr 21, 2020

animefreak is my reference and a few with french subtitles :)

Eretzvaju Jan 8, 2019

hey hi :) three months later, better late than never I guess, I hope you watched your episodes..

I use animefreak or gogoanime for english subtitles, and gum gum streaming and jetanime for french subtitles

JadedDragos Aug 14, 2018

Yeah I hope to go there at least once as well as some other places. Here's hoping....-crosses fingers-

JadedDragos Jun 28, 2018

Your all the way in India...wow. Pretty awesome, read your bio and yep....ppl everywhere are crazy about anime! hehe

GinTheGrin Apr 8, 2016

Hi! I'm fine. 

Yes, I'm in college now. I'm studying mechanical engineering. I'm in my final year. In fact, this will be my last month here. What about you? I know I've asked you before, but it seems I forgot. What do you do?

Okay. And there are many sites like AnimeOut, where you can download anime episodes in comparable smaller size. I just happen to use that one. 

I see. I've never used a mobile device to watch anime, I think. You must be really busy, since you don't use your laptop much. Or do you travel a lot? Isn't it a pain to watch it on such a small screen? 

No problem. You're welcome.