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Nov 28, 2016

This collection of short stories is alright. Not unenjoyable, but certainly not the best thing I've read.

The story is set far in the future (or maybe the close future. With the way technology's developing, I wouldn't be surprised), and tells 7 seperate stories of how technology may be used in the future. The setting itself is fairly standard, as is most of the content. None of the stories particularly stood out to me as being great, although they were all still enjoyable. Certainly a couple of them were pretty interesting, and the others kept me entertained well enough.

The problem with this, as with most collections, is that there is nowhere near enough time to build any kind of attachment to the characters. I actually thought quite a few of the characters in this were very interesting, but there was not enough time to develop them.

Scientia is certainly not a bad read, especially if you like android slice of life, although if you're not very interested in this sort of series, then this is very likely not for you.

Review for November 2016 DMMC

6/10 story
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6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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