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Anime Tamago: Best to Worst

Anime Tamago was set up by the Japanese government's Agency of Cultural Affairs in 2010. It was designed to help train and support new animators. Each year four studios are selected, and each produce a short film around 25...

Anime with the Best OP/ED Themes

Anime where the OP/ED theme should not be skipped.

Best of Bleach

The best characters in Bleach, because why not.

Best 'Person in a Strange World' Anime

This is probably my favourite sub genre of all time, so I thought 'hey, why not make a list about it?' So I did. Obviously. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Psychological Thrillers to Blow Your Mind

When a psychological thriller is good, it is really good. All the anime on this list made me think quite a lot, and definitely blew my mind.

WECO's manga recommendations to new users

Here are some manga that the lovely people in WECO thought new manga readers would enjoy. We hope it will help you and enjoy them!