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Hi everyone! Welcome to my profile! 

Here's my favourite OP for you to listen to while you read my profile! Enjoy!

My name is FullmetalDragon, but feel free to call me whatever you like! (I know FullmetalDragon is a lot of effort to type :P) I'm a pretty weird human from sunny ol' England who absolutely loves anime (surprisingly enough). Like pretty much everyone on the site, I grew up with anime like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh, not realising they were anime at the time. When I was 15, I discovered the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, which I became instantly obsessed with (well, once I figured out how the heck to read it. Those first few pages were very confusing...) Once I finished it, I started trying a few other manga series, and then decided to give the FMA anime a go. The rest, as they say, is history. 

My anime taste is confusing, to say the least. Seriously, at this point, I'm pretty sure I've seen and enjoyed something from almost every genre. I'll basically enjoy anything that has good characters and/or plot, although generally my prefered genres are comedy, psycological thriller and fantasy. If you have any recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them! 

My favourite anime of all time has to be Gintama. No other series has made me laugh as hard, or cry as much, as Gintama has - it's just great fun to watch! 

Here's a few of my other favourite series!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ~ Hetalia


KonoSuba ~ One Punch Man


Parasyte ~ Natsume Yuujinchou

Talking Heads GIF 

 As well as watching anime, I also read a lot of manga, manhwa, light novels... pretty much whatever I can get my hands on! (reading is awesome!) I'll always prefer reading from real books, but for convenience's sake I mostly read online nowadays - not that that stops me from having waaay too many volumes of manga scattered around my room (who needs a floor anyway?)

My favourite manga (well, technically it's a manhwa, but whatever :P) is American Ghost Jack. It's simultaneously one of the cutest romances and scariest horrors I have ever read. Weird, right? 

Here's a few of my other favourites!

Bastard Good Luck Girl! All You Need Is Kill The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (Light Novel) Prunus Girl screenshot Boyfriend of the Dead

As for favourite characters, well...

Russia is possibly my favourite character of all time, not just in anime. Personally I think this gif sums him up pretty perfectly :P He's also my avatar if you were wondering!

 Here's a few of my other favourite characters. See if you can name them all! (They all have links if you need a little help!)



Outside of anime, I absolutely love astronomy, sci-fi, and pretty much anything to do with space. I just find it incredibly interesting and beautiful. I mean, just look at it:

In fact, I am currently studying astronomy at uni I love it that much :D

I also have a serious travelling bug. I'm currently working on conquering as many European countries as I can, and I plan on moving onto Asia and America as soon as I can. If you know of any cool places to visit, or just want to share some of your adventures, let me know!

I've also had a lifelong obsession with dragons (if the name wasn't a big enough hint) I'm not exactly sure why I love them as much as I do. I just think they're great!

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I am the co-founder of the amazing new Anime-Planet Welcoming Committee (WECO)! The aim of the club is to make sure every new user gets a warm welcome to the site, and has someone to talk to if they need a helping hand! If you'd be interested in helping out, check out our forum thread, or leave me a comment! (or talk to ichigodaisuki or Rntt89 if I seem too scary ^^)

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1st - Fullmetal Alchemist 

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1st - Fullmetal Alchemist

100th - Tetsugaku Letra

200th - Liar Game

300th - ib - Instant Bullet

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500th - Tsukiatte Agete mo Ii n Dakara ne

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Also the proud claimer of Zed60K's 100th, 200th, 300th and 400th comment - bring on number 500! :D

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Fractured Dec 15, 2018

If pink is something stuck in your mind, then it's not the worst colour to be stuck with, I'd feel bad for the poor person stuck with their least favourite colour. My friends also read the same series, or should I say, I read what they read. Though, most of my friends don't really read often, but my friends that do read tend to base conversations on books rather than, I don't know, the weather, a bad example but you get what I mean. And yeah, I sometimes imagine a character as someone I know or in the case of the book I'm reading, I picture the character Dorian, as Todoroki from My Hero Academia, but I try not to and end up thinking of Karma from Assassination Classroom, but then when my mind brings it to my attention that he has black/dark hair, I imagine Midoriya... It's a truly horrible fate.

And I mean, I can't blame her, I find it hard to not spoil things too, but she's gotten better at not spoiling it. Haha, yeah Pikachu is a really cute character I can't argue with that, but I just still can't imagine him as anything else, especially not a detective, although I must admit that is cute as hell. 

XxZeroeZxX Dec 14, 2018

Hey Nicky :)

Been awhile, sorry just way too much going on...

But I do hav some good news, I passed my license exam, so I'm a Professional Engineer now :)

Anyway, I hope things r well w/ uni and everything, talk soon *hug*

LeenPhoenixRae Dec 12, 2018

They're good. Goblin Slayer's a genre I didn't think I'd get in to watching, but I got sucked in and now I'm eagerly awaiting each week's new episode lol Boruto I enjoy since I enjoyed watching Naruto it's fun to see the next generation's story.

All of the shows you mentioned except for Zombieland are on my "to be watched" list. Is Zombieland any good? I'm not a fan of zombies so I tend to not watch shows with zombies for main characters (I'd rather watch vampires, werewolves and witches lol).

Fractured Dec 9, 2018

If variety means reading for 8 hours straight with only food breaks, then I have such a wide variety, I could be doing so much with my life, but decide to be a lazy slob for the day, and some other days. And I was going to say I agree, I imagine something but then the author describes it better and I just can’t picture that, but then you said you thought of pink bricks, now I slightly take it back. Plus for some other awful reason, I can’t picture a face, I can picture a body, I can picture detailed bodies, I can picture castles, I can picture detailed castles, yet I can’t picture a face. It’s a horrible experience, especially when in your mind there are people at war, for example, but they’re faceless.

Spoilers are the worst, there are 8 books in this series (not sure if this was mentioned), and she told me things 3 books in advance! I get stroppy sometimes and get angry at the book at like swing it in the air to hit it on my table, but can’t because I have a deep connection with it, don’t know where I was going with that sentence but oh well. And I couldn’t think of Pikachu like that.

LeenPhoenixRae Dec 8, 2018

Hi! How's it's going? Thanks for the follow back :D

Right now I'm just waiting somewhat impatiently for new episodes of a few of my fave shows to air weekly (Fairy Tail, Boruto, Goblin Slayer, As Miss Beelzebub Likes) while looking for something new to binge-watch in between. How about you?