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sunshinechild67 Nov 26, 2012

Hi! I'll check out your other reviews because I really liked your Cowboy Bebop one, and I would love to read one on Trigun. I love Trigun but I haven't finished it yet - I kind of prioritized finished Bebop but now that I'm done I can get started on other stuff. I just decided to comment because I noticed you liked a lot of the same anime as me and it's always cool to see others with similar tastes. :)

Bootowski Nov 23, 2012

Thanks a lot! Hope you had a great one too!The Wesker avatar is great, by the way.

Janatis Nov 22, 2012

Happy thanksgiving to you too :)

Bootowski Nov 8, 2012

Of course! Hmm... I'm not too great at picking out random shows for people to watch, because I can never decide between them or narrow it down enough that it would matter. But after looking at your favorite genres and list, plus also considering you like Sci-fi outside anime... I think Steins;Gate would be a very safe choice. If you're interested in something less serious, Katanagatari might also be good. It's a Fantasy/Drama/Romance. There's action to be seen but it's very sparse overall. I'm watching a show called Sword Art Online right now, and I like it quite a bit. I guess if neither of the previous two work, you could try it. Its setting is a bit hard to describe, but it's a mix between Sci-fi and Fantasy, with Romance/Action/Drama; Though more concentrated on the Drama and Romance. It's pretty popular and seems to be a favorite among the community here. Could be worth a shot. Sorry, but that's all I can think of right now!

Janatis Nov 8, 2012

Heya! Hmm im really bad at recommending anime :P

Also my ratings are usually if i get goosebumps or good feeling inside etc. so it gets better rating from me but if you are okey with that i can give couple series to check out.

If you want movies i would go with pretty much all Studio Ghibli's movies.

For little bit older production:

Hunter x Hunter + Ova's

(Not that new one, cant say word about that. Havent seen it yet) Adventure anime and some cool episodes. Nothing mind blowing but still really nice. Also Shaman king was awesome.

Great teacher Onizuka for fun comedy what cracked me up good.

For drama/romance i would go Chobits and Onegai techer followed by Onegai twins. Ano hana was also really good in my opinion and its new.

Sports: Hajime no ippo is cool boxing anime.

Action: Black Lagoon, Black lagoon 2 and ova's is great!

Sorry im missing lot of good animes what i cant recall to give you to watch. But you have it really nice as you have lot of good series to be watched :)

ps. If you liked baccano check out durarara. Its similiar to baccano :)

pss. I did add you to my friendlist if you have some good anime what i havnt watched.