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sunshinechild67 Sep 29, 2013

Hey! Nice to hear from you! Congrats to you and your girlfriend too. Good luck on the job.

I started college a few weeks ago and so I've been busy with that. The good news is that I joined my college's anime club (so far we've watched Steins;Gate and Attack on Titan episodes) and met some nice people who are into anime and manga too. No job yet, but I'm looking into some babysitting or tutoring jobs in my area. I think that could be a nice place to start for me. My college offers study abroad programs so I'm thinking that my sophomore or junior year I'm going to travel to Japan for a semester. I've met some Japanese students that are staying here now.

Also, I really love your new Spike avatar. I just re-watched a few episodes of Cowboy Bebop the other day with my sister, I love that series.

sunshinechild67 Jun 12, 2013

It's mostly professional reviewers that I have that reaction to. I enjoy reading your reviews, and I've found other reviews here or on MAL that I liked too.

For graduation presents I got gifts of money from a lot of my family members and I'm planning on spending it (not all of it though) next time I go to Little Tokyo, which is this little Japanese neighborhood in Los Angeles. It has great stores, and this really huge anime store that I love. I plan on buying Princess Mononoke and maybe Gurren Lagann, and more FMA plush characters (I own this random Ed one I bought last time, but he looks lonely lol.)

Is your MAL username the same as the one on here?

sunshinechild67 May 28, 2013

Nothing wrong with liking MLP, I'm not a huge fan of it but it's a fun series to watch (and I love Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie!) I'm watching Batman the Animated Series right now...I've always wanted to get into comics but it's so hard to find places to start and I heard a good place to pick up with Batman is the animated series (or the Christopher Nolan movies.) I love Doctor Who, I watch it all the time with my sister (she's the true Whovian.)

I really, really want to watch the LOTR movies. I tried picking up Fellowship of the Ring (book) but I lost motivation. I think if I saw the movies first and enjoyed them I would read the series. I just watched Pulp Fiction the other day and I loved it. It's probably one of my new favorite movies. I don't normally go on many movie sites though, and I'm not a big fan of movie critics (I only ever read Roger Ebert, actually.) I feel like many reviewers (of movies, anime, book, whatever) write their reviews in such a clinical, detached fashion; they mechanically throw out phrases about how great or bad whatever they're reviewing was, but you never get the sense from them that they actually enjoy the medium they're talking about. Also, they nitpick just for the sake of finding fault because of course quality can't be perfect and god forbid they rate their actual enjoyment level. I think that's why I read Ebert though, he always seemed like he was just there for a good movie and if he enjoyed it, he said exactly why, or vice versa.

Anyways, I'm almost out of school (graduation in a week) so I'm going to have plenty of time now to catch up with all these anime series I want to watch or have stalled.

sunshinechild67 May 14, 2013

I hope that Mike and Bryan (the creators) continue to make other series; Avatar is one of my favorite shows, ever. I thought that the art was one area were the Legend of Korra improved on the older series; the art was a lot better in quality (even thought Avatar was well-animated) and the character anatomy was more realistic and better I thought. My problems with Korra (series not character) was the love triangle subplot and the ending, I wish they had managed to keep Amon as a villain because his storyline was interesting.

I haven't been watching as much anime lately...I'm waiting until my summer break begins to finish all the shows I've been watching/wanting to watch. Lately I've been watching Arrested Development which is a great show, have you ever seen it? Have you seen any great shows or movies lately?

Wander May 10, 2013

I just used paint :3 Nothing fancy.  All you have to do is copy a picture, crop if needed and then add your text to the blank space.