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sunshinechild67 Dec 24, 2013

Happy holidays and merry Christmas! :)

Uncensored Nov 21, 2013

Hey don't worry about it man; I'm terrible at replying to poeple on here haha I feel you though, I got laid off about a month ago and it really blows. Economy is in the shitter. Gankutsuo is really good. The animation is really weird, and its hard to get use to. But if you can get past that its quite excellent. The show starts pickin up a lot about 8 episodes in. Just be a little patient if you watch it.


sunshinechild67 Nov 20, 2013

I'm sorry about what happened with your job and your girlfriend :( but I'm glad you're doing OK :) I hope you have a great holiday season, do you have anything fun planned?

sunshinechild67 Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Have any plans?

Uncensored Oct 6, 2013

Hey, I love your reviews man, I write some myself as well. Anyways I noticed you and I have a very similar taste in anime, so I figured I would make a couple recomendations for you. You should look into "Gonkutsuo: The count of Mote Cristo" and "Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom". Theyre both excellent shows, and Gonkutsuo may very well have the best plot line Ive seen in an anime. Anyways check it out.