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TheMajor5 Nov 7, 2012

Hahahhahahaha.  No need for this kinda thing man.  The debate is done.  I was in the mood to debate about it and pushed him for a better answer to explain himself.  Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions and i just wanted him to know mine.  But we pretty much came to an agreement on my last comment.  I get where he comes from but like you said, he is extremely critical of anime, thus why he dubbed himself the hater of anime.  It's just fun to argue about someone who stands by their story no matter what, even when i thought it was bullshit.  It's like explaining to a die hard religious fan how we evolved from primates, there is no winning.  Still, he left the comment and i couldn't just agree.  Thanks for wanting to help but sometimes it's fun.

Bootowski Oct 12, 2012

Congratulations on your recovery! I'm glad to hear it. Looking forward to your forthcoming reviews. Take care!

Bootowski Oct 7, 2012

Absolutely. Cheers!

Bootowski Oct 7, 2012

First of all, I mean for this post to be as constructive as humanly possible. Please don't take offense to my following statement! I think that your reviews, sometimes, can be somewhat hard to follow... But not in your logical arrangment. It's more of in a grammatical sense. I believe that if you used your punctuation more carefully that it would make everything much easier to grasp.That said... Your reviews are great, not to mention fun to read! Honestly, I suggest that you make an exemplary reviewer for the site. Very few match the style or quality of your writing. Granted you wanted to, I wouldn't be at all surprised to one day see you listed as an editorial staff member here.Keep up the good work!