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Assault Lily BOUQUET

Mar 11, 2021


I enjoyed this anime for the most part as the characters were relatable, the plot was interesting, and it was a satisfying mix of action, and school life. I only really have two main issues with this anime:

1. SO MUCH FANSERVICE. I should note I'm biased here as i get uncomfortable with most sexual content, but it's definitely a bit much considering they are all high school age. Although there's nothing explicit, there is a lot of fanservice/ecchi (going by the definition of ecchi animeplanet provides) such as suggestive camera angles/closeups, revealing clothes, bathing scenes (they wear towel dress things, but they are pretty revealing), characters getting into uncomfortable positions, etc. Overall this made me very uncomfortable. (I wasn't aware of this before I started it, as at least at the time, it wasn't tagged as ecchi. if you know how to suggest a change, commenting would be appreciated.)

2. TW. Similar, but more serious, a character who is very attracted to the mc often expresses this in ways that aren't always appropriate or consensual. Things such as insisting on helping her bathe, or saying certain things. She also gets very jealous and possessive of her, often getting upset or making threats when anyone hits on, touches, or even spends much time with her (even if the Mc is ok with it). This made me very uncomfortable and could be very triggering.

aside from those it's a great anime, with an interesting plot and likeable characters (for the most part). it's a shame it stumbled so much on those bits*. I'd say watch it if you don't mind/can stomach the first points, and are looking for: 1. A story with prominent wlw characters, that isn't just drama, slice of life, or romance, 2. A seemingly lighter Fantasy anime with some hidden darker bits, and/or action show with mainly girls, that isn't just a super lighthearted kids show.

And apologies for any typos, I already typed this out once but I accidentally deleted it, so the typing is a bit rushed. if it bugs you, reply with the issue and I'll fix it. I didn't rate animation or sound as I'm not very picky there, and unless it's bad, I don't usually notice enough to comment on it.

(also i of course have to mention the fact that this is probably heavily inspired by madoka magica, but it has enough originality to be good, at least IMO.)

EDIT: after writing this I realized it could come off as me bashing ecchi/fanservice, which isn't the intention. I have no issue with people watching that type of stuff, as long as the age is appropriate. (you do you, I won't judge) My only issue here is the age of the characters, as they are minors, and it portrays them pretty sexually sometimes.

8/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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