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Sailor Moon R

Feb 28, 2012

Story: In comparison with the first Sailor Moon series, I found this one a bit of a bore, but thats not to say it wasn't good. The first story arc involves two new aliens, twins who fight the Sailor Senshi. This part only went on for about 13 episodes, so I felt there wasn't enough screen time for it actually to seem more than a quick little filler.

As for the actual story, MiniMoon appearred. This wasn't good for me, Minimoon (completely unlike in Sailor Moon S) did nothing but annoy me. She would spend all her time getting in the way of the characters, causing mindless trouble and spend whole episodes of time thinking about home. This made me get bored of this series of Sailor Moon. The ending was a slight improvement, but unlike the last series, none of the Sailor Senshi died, it was a lot less adult and seemed like a show for three year olds in the way the edding was handled. In comparison with series one and series three, this series' ending dissappointed me, it was too cute and fluffy.

Animation: For the nineties, it was pretty good. But nowadays I have to say I dislike the art of Sailor Moon R. It was blurry, messy and I didn't like the proportions of the characters. But acting as if it were the nineties, I have to say for then its pretty impressive.

Sound: Same as the original series, it suits the show and its sweet.

Characters: Minimoon irritated me, which took out a lot of enjoyment from the show. As for the main Sailor Senshi, I always got the feel a lot of them weren't shown to have much personality other than Rei and Usagi. Ami just felt lifeless to me, Mina was just a graceful version of Usagi and Makoto was just an agressive girl. This improves in later series, but for me they were unrelatable, with only one or two exceptions.

Overall: The worst Sailor Moon series out of the ones I've seen so far (the first three). Minimoon annoyed me, the ending dissappointed me and in general this was too babyish for me. I'm sure more loyal Sailor Moon fans will like it nonetheless.

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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