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Story:  Digimon Movie 3 is the first film of this franchise to showcase the Digidestined from series 2 of the anime. The story essentially follows a boy called Willis who, with help from the Digidestined Davis, T.K, Kari, Cody and Yolei, tracks down one of his Digimon and helps it recover from an evil virus taking it over. Although this is a good film, there were a lot of plotlines which weren't properly addressed. Many coincidences took place and unbelievable events what were just unlikely to be done in real life. Some parts of the story were unexplained, which slightly ruined it for me as I had to assume certain things and why certain events took place, this film just needed to be explained better. 

Animation: For the year it was made, the animation in Digimon 3 is very good, except for rare moments when character designs can abruptly turn really sloppy. But close-ups of the characters looked amazing and the Digimon looked cute :3

Sound: Same as every other film and episode of Digimon, the same kinds of music were used what suit the show, consisting of mostly Digimon theme songs and occasional other songs. They all fitted the shows various moods perfectly.

Characters: The characters in Digimon 02 are very good ^^ I was dissappointed that Ken was not present in this film though, plus characters like Cody and Yolei you could almost forget were there. But overall the great charactrers were just...amazing.

Overall: A slight disapointment when compared to Digimon Movie 2, but if you like Digimon then I'd still recommend it ^^

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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