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Shugo Chara Party!

Nov 26, 2011

Story: Despite all of the bad things said about this season of Shugo Chara, I honestly didn't think it was as bad as everyone said it would be- yes, it was very flawed and pretty rubbish in comparison with the first two seasons of Shugo Chara, but it wasn't a complete trainwreck of epic proportions like I've heard it being.

Yes, the first 10 minutes of this show were absolutely empty of actual anime and irritating little cosplayers took over the screens telling you little stories what made you feel 5 years old and like an utter noob for watching this, but at least you don't HAVE to watch this bit. When I got onto episode 2 and skipped the cosplaying bit of this anime so I could watch the part whats actually mildly interesting, Shugo Chara Party! wasn't actually that bad.

The story wasn't thaaaaat interesting, the first 10 or so episodes were just plain, boring fillers- but towards the end Shugo Chara Party! does improve and I actually found the last 2 or 3 episodes admittedly quite touching and sweet. A few odd episodes in the middle of it were actually quite funny as well- like the one when Nadeshiko ''returned to Japan'' and the one where Amu had to look after Ami for a day and keep her out of mischief.

Animation: Suprisingly I found this animation worse than the 2 previous series of Shugo Chara. It seemed plain and dull. 

Sound: For the first time in Shugo Chara I hve to say I disliked the music- the OP and ED were irritatingly cheesy and got on my nerves. The music IN the show however was exactly the same as the music used in the first 2 seasons of Shugo Chara, and, whilst this music IS good and suits the anime, I really felt that a new set of songs were needed for this- it made the show seem even more predictable.

Characters: Absolute 0 character development here, except for the 2 new characters: Rikka and Hikaru. But sadly, I HATED them. Rikka was bubbly, clumsy and everything a typucal Shoujo protagonist is. You could predict her every move and everything she would say. Her guardian character, Hotaru was better at least. Her calm and polite personality was a nice contrast to Rikka- I only wish she had hatched a lot sooner in this anime that about 3 episodes before the end.

Hikaru also annoyed me. His same blank expression of -______- in every single frame of every single episode did nothing but aggravate me, and when he FINALLY showed a slight hint of emotion towards the end I STILL didn't like him. I feel dead sorry for Yaya- when all the other characters graduate she gets stuck with just Rikka and Hikaru, the poor girl.

Overall: Not a great anime by any means, the characters aren't impressive and the art can be sloppy. But the story is alright and its certianly not AS bad as a lot of people make it out to be. Just don't expect anything back-breaking from this anime. Its a lot like an OVA: Short and quite dull, but nice for fans who want some extra episodes to watch.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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RosePrincessMay Jul 5, 2013

i have a question. I read the manga and finished it but i dont get the timing.Is this season after or before Nikaidou and Sanjou's wedding?? Someone please answer me.