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Sailor Moon S

Oct 30, 2011

Story: In comparison with the two previous series of Sailor Moon, I actually found this series to be a great deal better. Before this series I hadn't really seen exactly why such a great big fuss was kicked up about Sailor Moon-sure it ws pretty good, but nothing outstanding but then I started to watch this series and it blew its predecessors out of the water. The story in this series is essentially very similar to Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R- fighting aliens for filler upon filler of episode, yet this series had some extras hidden up its sleeves what drew me to this series so much that even the fillers didn't bother me, and fillers usually aggravate me to the point of INSANITY. Bring in great new characters, funny humourous jokes what kept me laughing through the whole series and themes what made this show for once seem for an older target audience- it no longer seemed like it was a 10 year olds' show- with the arrival of new characters new themes arose and in general I enjoyed the show more as it had an air of maturity wrapped around it, I felt this show was more made for people of my age. The arrival of the glamorous and sophisticated Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh as well as the return of Chibiusa all made this an enjoyable watch and even Chibiusa wasn't irritating like in the previous series, she was actually the one what made so many of the funny jokes! I found my feeling about her changing from irritation quickly to admiration in a matter of episodes.

Animation: Typical of Sailor Moon, for the 90s it has super animation with great standards. The backgrounds looked realistic, the people looked impressive, the only minor fault was that sometimes the videos could be blurry.

Sound: Also trademark Sailor Moon, the same opening that almost every anime fan knows, and almost the same music in the actual show as in the previous series. That was the only flaw, repetitive music, but it blended in well and I never noticed it in a lot of the scenes since it fit so well.

Characters: These were what made this particular series stand out for me- an array of new interesting characters. The idea of having Sailor Scouts what were actually viewed for some time as bad was an interesting concept and towards the end of the series when the deaths of many characters happenned I found certain deaths very touching, in particular Neptune and Uranus' which relected perfectly their love for each other. I also found myself liking the old characters a lot more, in particular Mina and Usagi. When I watched the first 2 series I felt a bit like the individual personalities of the 5 main Sailor Scouts were never portrayed, I felt like the viewer didn't get to properly know them but in this series their personalities were drawn out, giving us viewers a better idea of each character and what their like.

Overall: Out of the first 3 Sailor Moon series, I'd say this definitely the most impressive from my point of view with a lot better storylines, characters and in general seeming better suited to its target audiences- a must watch for any Mahou-Shoujo fan.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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SailorSedna Jul 29, 2015

I felt the Inners personalities were portrayed in the first two seasons as well as this one, but good review otherwise :D