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When They Cry: Rei

Oct 29, 2011

Story: Well, after watching the first two seasons of Higurashi I was looking forward to this OVA, I knew it wouldn't be superb by any means, but nontheless it still dissappointed me. The OVA itself consisted of 3 stories: Story 1) Ecchi wonderland in which everyone goes swimming and end up fighting over a pair of pants. Story 2) Rika has a bike accident and is killed, she finds out in a new world she must kill her mother to get out of this world and Story 3) Rena ends up falling in love with Keiichi after coming into contact with a weird charm. Story 1 I found a waste of time, I can imagine a lot of guys like it, but being a girl who can only stand a certain amount of ecchi this story arc really bored me. The provocative swmsuits just plain scared me and these magic pants what Keiichi had just traumatised me. Story 2 showed some promise, I was hoping for more gore- thats what Higurashi is famous for after all, but was there any gore? No. Rika didn't even end up stabbing her mother, she just suddenlly woke up and that was that, she was in the hospital back in her previous world. Story 3: It was sweet, but there was no pairing up of Keiichi and Rena so I saw no point in it. Overall I just thought this OVA bunch was a bit of a waste.

Animation: Good news- the animation had gotten ever better since the previous series, it was marvellous. The backgrounds were realistic, the people looked gorgeous, it really was a step up for Higurashi, especially for the opening and ending- they looked great.

Sound: The opening and ending songs were very good, but I can't actually really remember any other pieces of music in the actual show, it wasn't that memorable.

Characters: Despite still having the characters we all love, this series had no character development, nothing but you getting a better idea of what size breasts all the female characters have.

Overall: Unless you're a guy I doubt you'd enjoy this, I think they may as well have not made these OVAs an just have left Higurashi and Higurashi Kai alone.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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