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I guess it’s a testament to Angolmois’ quality that I can’t remember anyone from the show. Besides the Virtuous Main Character with a Dark Past, nobody else stands out immediately, and as the show goes on, you’ll only remember people for their allegiances. Japanese on one side, Mongols on the other. It’s a very clean, strict way of separating everything so conveniently, so the audience doesn’t get lost with all those names. And what names they all are, oh boy! The only introduction characters get is a quick subtitle as soon as they appear, and if they're lucky and show up in more than one episode, then they can rely on the power of repetition to make sure the audience at least remembers their faces.

Watching Angolmois feels like sitting through a history lecture, and I say this in the most unflattering way possible. There isn’t any attempt to make things entertaining, as the show was obviously so concerned with making sure everything that happened in this historic war got properly translated to the screen. There’s nothing wrong with being factual, but if that’s all a series ever rides on, then it runs the risk of being… well, boring.

That’s Angolmois’ biggest offense, unfortunately, that it does so much work to be as accurate as it can be, that it forgets it’s a series meant to entertain or engage the audience. Even its more technical aspects leave a lot to be desired, and most of it's to blame on the paper scroll aesthetic that's only useful for making things harder to see.

Angolmois is, in a nutshell: boring, generic, uneventful, and ultimately extremely forgettable. There's a decent amount of war strategizing and a fair amount of gore, but it feels like the show's just barely going through the motions by committing them to screen. For a series set in a war, there’s not a lot in here that inspires much urgency or importance. 

3/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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