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Greetings, suckers, Franco here, aka anime's very own prodigal son, aka persistent teller of jokes, aka regular listener of hip-hop, aka religious follower of the NBA, aka movie junkie, aka sports anime apologist, aka wannabe school delinquent, aka just your regular paranoid freak who thinks way too much about the uncertainty of things...

Okay, so maybe that was way too much information for first-timers.

Anyway, my membership here marks my glorious weeby return to a medium I gave up on when I was in college. Anime wasn't always the hottest thing on campus, you see, so I tried my best to stay deep in the anime closet for years. Now that I'm older and no longer give a shit about what other people think about my hobbies, I've become a lot less shy about looking like an otaku in public. It might mean I'll draw smiley faces on people's hands and make speeches about the power of friendship or swagger in the hallways like a proper yankii. It won't mean I'll debate power levels online or Naruto-run my way out of awkward situations.

As for ratings, don't look to me for them. I don't place a lot of stock in numbers, since I usually only rate things based on the way they made me feel. My time away from anime's made me very picky, so I'll have some super-warped opinions that could either give a series exactly what it deserves, or make me as despised as Gendou Ikari in parent-teacher conferences.

(Some samples for you - stuff I wasn't too impressed by include: Wotakoi, A Silent Voice, Inuyashiki, SSSS.Gridman, Tsurune, One Punch Man, and Zankyou no Terror. You can hate me now, but you don't have to go out of your way to tell me about it.)

Some things I like in my anime: eargasmic soundtracks, school delinquents and thugs, yakuza and organized gangs, mature dialogue, dry humor, sports teams, balls-out action scenes, urban tales set in the city, stuff that makes me feel like the cranky octogenarian my friends think I am. 

(I actually am a cranky octogenarian, but only on the inside.)

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joebev910 Dec 15, 2020

How are you

lolitaorcalover1456 Oct 22, 2019

hi want to be friends

lilithvampire Jun 27, 2019

yeah you're so right about that!

so are you watching any good animes this spring season? its almost over but what was your favorite? mine was dororo. im scared to watch the last epiosde, i dont want the series to be over already. also, what is your favorite anime in general? there are so many good shows that its hard to choose one.

- namiisenpai ♡

Billedresultat for dororo gif

lilithvampire Jun 22, 2019

hi!  ♡

i came across your profile because i was looking at the tsurune comments

i watched it a couple of months ago and i thought it was really good.

the whole concept was really cool and different to me, and kyoto animation always gives us great looking anime

but after reading your small review of the series i got really interested. i usually watch anime for the experience so i never really look deeply into the pacing or the character development

i thought it was really cool that you had discovered all these things in the series (since i can't do that)

thats why i just wanted to drop by and say that you seem like a really cool and nice person

i hope we can be friends and discuss anime and otaku-related things

(also your english is really good, and i'm from denmark so sorry if my english isn't at your standard level of grammar etc.)

- namiisenpai ♡~('▽^人)

this is my favorite gif  (sorry about all the tsurune talk, but i just think fujiwara is handsome ♡)

Billedresultat for tsurune gif

Nesvrstani Mar 3, 2019

Thank you dude, looked to me like it was a character from Sket dance.