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PersonaQueen Mar 12, 2021

Hey how are you

Fionka Jan 15, 2021

Oh yeah I've watched anime (whatever was on TV) when I was a kid too - pokemon was my fave!! But since it was dubbed, some even in my language (slovenian), I didn't know the original language was actually japanese lol Also anime was definetly not popular and known in my country back then, now I guess I've met 2 people who watch it lol, so I didn't even know what that was haha but yeah like I mentioned, my brother introduced me to this "world". He's been always interested in japanese culture and idk when he even started watching anime. But since I'm quite a curious person I gave it a shot and here we are lol 

And now that I've found a forum where I can discuss about it's even better :D I've found my people! lol

Okay, Star, nice to meet you ^^ You can call me as Nusa (origially is Nuša, but idk if you even have that symbol lol)

Fionka Jan 14, 2021

Well the year has only just started which means we have a lot of time to to 2021 anime challange :P I'm also excited about doing it. Last year was my first time doing the challange because a) I joined anime_planet last year and b) I'm kind of new to the "anime world" (been watching for a little less than 2 years lol). 

Also, maybe this year will be different and you'll find motivation to watch anything. Have you've found anything interesting so far?

Let's give it our best this year! :D GANBATTE!

P.S. You don't need to be sorry for rambling lol 

Fionka Jan 14, 2021

Not a problem (about the follow back)! I hope the start of 2021 was good to you, too :D and I also hope that this year will be better and nicer than 2020 ^^ 

Aratakun Jan 14, 2021

Thanks for the follow.