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Disclaimer: I'm watching this because it was my ALG pick (and it's why you should never do ALG)

Story: A take on Jean of Arc story (legend?) with alchemy, fairies and a harem. Yes, a harem. 

When I first read the synopsis I thought "oh it doesn't sound that bad" and first half of the season was watchable. Nothing too spectacular, some fan service, potential incest, potential pedophile but hey it's anime. Complete with  a perverted summary of the following episode (which usually didn't go well with the tone of the actual episode) and (surprisingly useful) French lessons.

Animation and Sound: Probably a redeeming quality in this case - some very nice fighting scenes and it looks pretty. One thing I'd say looked bad are the final few episodes, where the setting is just very dark and it looks like they didn't bother much with it. 

One thing that annoyed me was Jean's voice, in her non Ulysses form. I get that she's cute and all that, but do we have to have her sound like that?

Plus points for ED

Characters: Oh boy. I don't know why they went with Gilles de Rais as the main character. All things considered, it wasn't the happiest choice. As far as the actual character goes - for a main character he wasn't whiny, which is often the case with harem anime. Jean is sweet, but there isn't much else to her. Rest of them weren't memorable, as they're mostly girls running after the main characters. 

I can't say there was a lot of character development, as it kind of got pushed to the background. 

Conclusion: This was by far one of the worst anime I've seen in my life. Okay, you wanted to do a different take, you added mythological elements, you added cute girls, there's even a trap to appeal to the general fan-service-loving audience. BUT it failed to deliver on so many levels. Dialogue was terrible, characters were so shallow (one of them literally tortures her brother and no one cares), villans were just boring, there's so many of them and the anime itself has no clear direction. I read an interview with the director recently and while I think he wanted to create something nice, but in the end it looked like he put more effort into the ending sequence than the actual episodes. They have so many elements that might work separately, but pushed together like this, while trying to seem appealing to the target audience, they just didn't work out. 

2/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Fluffs Jan 11, 2022

ALG is Anime Lottery Game on the forums :)

ZafineCrow Nov 29, 2020

What does ALG stand for?

HKBattosai Jan 7, 2019

Hey Fluffs! I like your review of this "wonderful" ALG anime! Your scores seem oddly similar to another sufferer of this attrocious, err, great anime. Hmm...I wonder who...


Fluffs Dec 31, 2018

A typo, fixed xD